Billionaire Carlos Slim Sees Big Potential for Mexico in Trump Era

economía de México
For Carlos Slim, Donald Trump could be a blessing for Mexico’s economy. (Periódico Divergente)

EspañolMexico business magnate and President of Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim, said he sees good opportunities for revitalizing Mexico’s economy in President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

The businessman made the comments during his appearance at a Bloomberg forum focused on Mexico in 2017, during which he said, “Mexico must turn to look toward Mexico. It’s necessary to address the internal market first.”

With regards to the victory of Donald Trump in the United States, he said it could be good news for Mexico if he were successful in carrying out his campaign promises.

“If (the United States) really grows four percent, lowers taxes on the middle class, it would be fantastic for Mexico, so the United States population would have more capacity for consuming goods and services that Mexico exports to the country.”

Silm said Mexico could see growth as large as five percent, but for this to happen, it requires internal investment of US $250 billion, which can be achieved through partnership between the public and private sector.

“It would be more worrying for the President-elect of the United States Donald Trump, if it were Americans in place of Mexicans.”


The multimillionaire said he doesn’t expect changes in the value of the country’s assets in the United States during Trump’s adminstration, which will begin January 20. He added that he likes Trump’s infrastructure plans overall.

Slim, also the Head of telecommunication company America Movil, assured everyone he will not be President of Mexico, and that corruption should be one of the central topics of the next election.

Source: El Economista.

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