Trump’s Immigration Plan Could Boost US Private Prisons

Donald Trump
While Obama has shurt down the use of some private prisons, Trump hopes to open more. (Univisión)

EspañolPresident-elect Donald Trump’s immigration plan to deport millions of people could benefit private prisons, some experts say.

Stock market numbers seem to be supporting the idea, as CorecCivic Co. recorded its largest gain on the New York Stock Exchange, increasing in November by 43 percent.

Additionally, the private prison company Geo Group has seen its value increase by 21 percent, according to reports.

On the campaign trail, Trump said the United States’ prison system was a disaster, and expressed his support for private prisons.

In August, President Obama announced that the government would no longer be including 13 private prisons in the federal prison system.

Obama’s announcement comes after an audit conducted by the Department of Justice that revealed private prisons presented more security problems than those operated by the government.


After Obama’s announcement, various federal officials admitted that they might be considering the gradual elimination of the use of all private prisons, but that doesn’t look to be the case for Donald Trump.

“I believe that we can make many more privatizations and private prisons,” Trump said. “It seems to work much better.”

Currently, Immigration Control and Customs oversees 34,000 immigrants eligible for deportation, 13 percent of which are located in private prisons.

Source: Ciber Cuba

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