Mexico’s Pena Nieto Prepares Team to Negotiate with Trump

Luis Videgaray, who was the director of fiscal policy in Mexico will have the main task to look after the Mexican interests in the NAFTA (CNN en Espa├▒ol)
Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s former finance minister, will represent Mexican interests in NAFTA negotiations with Trump. (CNN en Espa├▒ol)


Mexican President Enrique Pe├▒a Nieto has named the former finance minister┬áLuis Videgaray as his administration’s┬áofficial representative to the transition team of US President-elect Donald Trump.

This decision was made last Tuesday during a meeting at the official presidencial residence of “Los Pinos”, reports El Universal in an opinion column.

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After his controversial visit to Mexico, Donald Trump expressed his favorable opinion about Videgaray, who was forced to step aside from Pe├▒a Nieto’s cabinet, following public outcry over the meeting. Videgaray had, in fact, been┬áthe architect of the meeting, which caused a significant decrease in the popularity of Pe├▒a Nieto.

According to El Universal, Videgaray will have his work cut out for him, forcefully articulating the interests and benefits of maintaining a strong commercial and financial relationship between the two nations. Trump has insisted that he will review NAFTA, or possibly even withdraw the United States from the agreement, leaving Mexico without its main commercial ally.

Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu has taken charge of the immigration issue, where she will have to defend the interests of her compatriots in the United States and, at the same time, establish political agreements with Central America governments to stem the northward migratory flow from these countries, and ensure that their citizens are not stranded in Mexican territory.

I met with the Ministers of Foreign Relations of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Peña Nieto has thus put together a top-notch team to deal with the global shock precipated by the surprise Trump election.  This team will also have the important task of helping Peña Nieto improve his public relations image, which has suffered following the rise of Trump.

Source: El Universal

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