Donald Trump Courts Cuban Exiles During Push for Florida Vote

Donald Trump said he won't forget those fighting for liberty in Cuba (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump said he won’t forget those fighting for liberty in Cuba (Gage Skidmore)

EspañolRepublican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump met Tuesday with the Cuban community in Miami in order to consolidate support from exiles, and many said it’s working.

He visited veterans of the invasion of the Bay of Pigs, who for the first time publicly expressed support for a US presidential candidate.

President of the Association of Brigade 2506 Humberto Diaz Arguelles said his decision was “obvious” before introducing the Republican at an event intended to remember the military assault on Cuba by the CIA.

The values of Mr. Donald Trump and his political agenda are more aligned than the progressive and socialist agenda of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats,” said Dias Arguelles, a supporter.

The Cuban told Univision that the Republican candidate was invited to the event to explain to them “his plans on freedom for Cuba.”

Many Cubans present said they had already voted for Trump thanks to the early voting that began Monday. In this gesture of loyalty, the presidential candidate responded by saying he will not forget them as they had fought for the freedom of the island.

Donald Trump, as is usual for his campaign, did not provide any details for his plan to improve the island in his 10-minute speech. Instead, he focused on the importance of strengthening the army and maintaining aids through Social Security and Medicare, earning him a loud applause from the audience.

In an effort to speak Spanish, Donald Trump tried to pronounce the name of the opposition group Damas de Blanco and explained that he had practiced the pronunciation before going on stage.

Donald Trump ahead by two points in Florida
The Republican candidate leads Democrat Hillary Clinton by two points in the state of Florida, as revealed Wednesday by Bloomberg.

Trump has the lead with 45 percent of the vote while Clinton trails with 43 percene in one of the most critical swing-states of the election.

According to pollster Ann Selzer, the deciding vote in Florida elections will come down to the choices of independent voters, who are right now leaning slightly toward Trump.

Sources: Univisión Noticias, Bloomberg

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