Mexico on Alert over Arrival of 50,000 Haitian Immigrants on Journey to U.S.

Authorities ask Mexican solidarity towards Haitian immigrants (Sin Embargo)
Authorities ask for Mexican solidarity toward Haitian immigrants (Sin Embargo)

EspañolNearly 50,000 Haitian immigrants have been stranded in Brazil, and in the coming months will pass through Mexico in order to reach the United States.

President of Mexico’s National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) Luis Raul Gonzalez said that the flow of Haitian immigrants to Mexico has become an issue over recent months as the increase has accelerated.

“The flow of people has increased rapidly in transit to the United States,” Gonzalez said at a news conference Monday.

In the state of Baja California that borders the United States, there are now 4,476 immigrants waiting to cross over. In Tijuana, there are 2,763. In Mexicali, there are 2,763.

In March and April, the CNDH warned that the flow of immigrants was “minimal” but also that it has increased over recent months.

The Human Rights organization has already given precautionary measures to the National Migration Institute (INM), the government of Baja California and the city of Tijuana. Warnings and preparation were also given to Ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, Social Development and Health.

Corzo explained the purpose of such preparations is only to take preventive measures, “to avoid facing a major problem.”

Source: Sin Embargo

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