Mexican Police Find Home-Made Cannon to Launch Drugs over US Border

According to authorities, its not the first time that drug traffickers have used non-conventional methods to transport drugs over the border (NVI Noticias)
According to authorities, this is not the first drug cannon that has been found. (NVI Noticias)

EspañolMexican authorities believe that a stolen van that was parked near the border between Mexico and the United States was used to launch drugs to Douglas, Arizona using a cannon.

Last week, federal security forces in Mexico found the van that had been reported stolen in the state of Sonora.

The van was parked in a street in the town of Agua Prieta located adjacent to Douglas. A large cannon had been attached to the vehicle, according to Mexican authorities.

Border Patrol Spokesman Paco Vicente said the most common method is to shoot bundles of marijuana that are the size of a baseball, which are received by smugglers on the US side.

Source: Telemetro

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