Mexicans March to Demand Resignation of President Peña Nieto

He has been strongly criticized for his policies on economy, security and human rights, sparking the demonstration to demand the resignation of Peña Nieto (El Guardian)
President Enrique Peña Nieto has also been strongly criticized for his policies on the economy (El Guardian)

EspañolMexico City was host to a demonstration Thursday in which protestors called for the resignation of President Enrique Peña Nieto after he met with United States Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

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The hashtag #RenunciaYa (#ResignNow) circulated on Twitter and other social media sites during the week, ultimately resulting in an organized demonstration.

The demonstration reportedly started in the Angel of Independence and is supposed to en in the city of Zocalo.

Executive Director of the National Center for Social Communication Ixchel Cisneros said the mobilization was called by the citizens and civil society associations she represents.

She also said demonstrators want “every citizen to find a reason for why Enrique Peña Nieto must give up the presidency of Mexico. That is why one of the hashtags that are being used is #MotivosSobran (#ThereArePlentyofReasons)”.

Cisneros also said the main motivations behind the demonstration to demand the resignation of Peña Nieto are “serious violations of human rights. These may well be grounds for resignation of a president, not only in Mexico but in other countries.”

Among the most emblematic cases mentioned are those of Tlatlaya, Tanguato and Ayotzinapa.

“We want the presidential figure to be reevaluated,” she said. “In the time Peña Nieto has been in office, he has done unforgivable things. We can not let something like this happen again.”

Source: Proceso

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