Mexico’s Circus Animals Are Going Extinct

80 percent of animals withdrawn from the circus have died. (Diario de México)
Eighty percent of animals withdrawn from the circus have died. (Diario de México)

 EspañolThe Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) was conducted one year again, which took a count of the 1,298 animals in the 80 circuses in México. There are only 300 alive today.

Veterinarian liaison between Semarnat and companies Teresa Moreno said the almost 1,000 missing animals were sold to private collectors and taxidermists. Some were also sold to animal trafficking for their skins.

Moreno said some of the living ones are in sanctuaries, while others remain in the circus. Some were also moved to zoos that often keep them in terrible conditions.

According information published by the Milenio, the responsible party had 1,298 animals due to the General Law of Wild Life of Semarnat. However, the office only made sure they weren’t sold for circus spectacles, they didn’t oversee the destination of the species. The sale was left in the hands of circus owners, and no government protection for the animals was given.

In December 2014, Congress approved the General Wildlife Law July 8, 2015. Owners started selling the animals to avoid sanctions without checking the buyers acquiring the animals.

Source: Milenio

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