Nicaragua’s Dictator: Ortega Becomes Sole Presidential Candidate

Opposition deputy Eduardo Montealegre announces his retreat before the National Coalition for Democracy (CND) from the electoral process, with Daniel Ortega as the only remaining candidate.
Eduardo Montealegre announced the opposition was pulling out of the electoral process, leaving Daniel Ortega as the only remaining candidate.

EspañolThe Nicaraguan opposition won’t be participating in the elections this November after its candidate Luis Callejas had his run annulled by a controversial Supreme Court ruling.

The Coalition for National Democracy (CND) announced his withdrawal from the elections this Wednesday. The Constitutional section of the Court ruled that the legal representation of the Independent Liberal Party (PLI) belongs to Pedro Reyes, with whom the CND doesn’t feel represented.

An opposition representative Eduardo Montealegre claimed Reyes’ PLI doesn’t represent the “real opposition” and claimed it was rather a “cooperation party” with the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. He ruled out any alliance with Reyes or any other political party, and announced they would start a “civic fight.”

Thus, Ortega became the only major candidate in the elections, which the opposition claims are an “electoral farce.”

Elections Yes. Electoral farce No

“It’s not about about government positions, or about seats in the Assembly, nor participating in a farce… It’s about generating a change that each citizen can freely express in the voting booths,” Montealegre said, reiterating that he will continue fighting for freedom “because the right to elect and be elected can’t be taken away.”

“From today on,” he added, “our fight will be much more than an electoral fight, but rather a civic fight for social transformation.”

The second largest political force in Nicaragua has withdrawn from the electoral process.

Before the announcement of the opposition coalition, the constitutional section of the Court ratified decision 299 in the PLI case. The decision was taken to resolve a motion for clarification presented by Indalecio Rodríguez, who had been, before Montealegre, the party’s representation.

Montealegre was stripped of the legal representation of the PLI party by a court ruling that has been accused of taking orders directly from Ortega. Ortega controls, asides from the Assembly, all government branches.

According to a May poll, Ortega has a high approval rating going into the general elections of this coming November, when he could win his third consecutive term.

Ortega, at 70, would get 63.7 percent of all votes in the presidential elections, against the 10 percent for the opposition.

Source: El País

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