Mexican Government to Weed Out Discriminatory Laws with Public’s Help

The Mexican government is trying to battle discrimination. (Starmedia)

EspañolIn order to collect opinions and comments about the content and language involving forms of discrimination, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto met with a group of Mexican citizens to discuss the issue.

“To construct a fair and just society, we need participation,” he wrote on his Twitter account @EPN. “Help us identify discrimination.”

As part of the actions taken by the Mexican government to combat everyday discrimination in favor of inclusion, respect and diversity, it created a website for the public’s contribution.

With help from the Center of Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) and the Institute of Legal Research at the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM), the Executive Legal Council prepared the consultation, which will take place in July and result in reforms to the legal framework at the national level, according to its website.

The exercise will result in a revision, elimination or modification to the rules used to fight discrimination, which still have discriminatory content spanning all three levels of government — local, state and federal.

“If you are a student of law, a lawyer, activist or are interested in this topic, we invite you to be part of Mexico Without Discrimination,” the web page said, with the title “Find, participate in and eliminate discrimination #WithoutDiscrimination.”

Source: El País.

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