WHO’s Director-General Is China’s Stooge

Adhanom is Secretary-General of the WHO thanks to the lobbying and explicit support of the Chinese communist regime

This is the first time that the World Health Organization has been chaired by someone who is not a physician (Twitter).

By Julio Ariza

Adhanom appears on all the news programs as a universal authority whose judgment cannot be questioned; people appeal to his word, his supposed scientific and political infallibility; they turn to his analyses, which are deemed indisputable by the acronym WHO, as if the organization were a Scientology church, and what the prophet says was the word of God.

If the government has lost control of the pandemic, its spokespersons say that all it has done is follow the “WHO recommendations.” If the government has said that masks are useless and then said that they are obligatory, it has followed the WHO’s guidelines. If the government has underestimated the risks and encouraged people to participate in the 8-M viral protest, it was following the WHO’s forecasts, and so on. The WHO has become the resource for the transfer of guilt that is washed away by the mere act of “supposedly following the WHO’s guidelines.” Thus, the government’s emphasis on the agency is also a resource for laundering possible political, legal, and criminal liabilities.

Fernando Simón has not yet had the democratic nor professional dignity to resign after seriously confusing the Spanish people. He was apparently acting according to the guidelines that he thought he was interpreting from the WHO and the government. The latter, in turn, relied on the WHO and Fernando Simón – “the experts.” So ultimately, he was doing what the power lobbies were saying: pandemic-feminist associations, related media (communication and information is something else), Podemos-affiliated devout supporters of the new political order.

But who really is this shield behind which all these irresponsible and cowardly people hide? Who is Tedros Adhanom, the current president of the WHO?

Firstly, this gentleman is not a physician (this is the first time the WHO is chaired by someone who is not a physician), but a politician and former official of the dictatorial communist regime of Ethiopia, where he has been Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs, as well as a leading member of the People’s Liberation Front of Tigray, an ethnocentric Marxist socialist party.

In 2017, this man became Director-General of the WHO, supported by China, despite being accused of masking three deadly cholera epidemics under the name of “acute watery diarrhea.” While he was voted into office in Geneva, Ethiopian groups were demonstrating outside the UN headquarters to denounce his complicity with the Ethiopian regime, which is an ally of Venezuela, Cuba, and China. The Ethiopian regime has committed countless appalling human rights violations, the genocide of minorities, massacres of protesters, torture of dissidents, and political arrests.

This gentleman came to power at the WHO thanks to the vote of the members of the African Union. Most of these countries are often governed by violent dictatorships, or they curtail rights and freedoms. They also suffer from endemic and structural corruption. Furthermore, this gentleman was made Secretary-General of the WHO thanks to the lobbying and explicit support of the Chinese communist regime.

The first thing this gentleman did when he became president of the WHO was to appoint Robert Mugabe as the organization’s goodwill ambassador to the world. Yes, you have read correctly: Robert Mugabe, one of the cruelest, bloodthirsty, and corrupt African dictators, who, besides promoting tribal ethnic cleansing and practicing torture and crime, was a staunch supporter of China and an effective introducer to Beijing’s appetite for African raw materials (plunder from which the continent will not recover).

This gentleman, formerly Ethiopia’s foreign minister and now Director-General of the WHO, is another pawn of the communist regime in Beijing on the world stage, just as Mugabe once was.

China is Ethiopia’s main trading partner and has also made a multi-million dollar investment in infrastructure in Ethiopia, which will become an essential part of the New Silk Road.

Among other services rendered to his friends in Beijing, this gentleman has vetoed Taiwan, the arch-rival of Communist China, at the WHO sessions.

And while Taiwan warned in January of the danger of contagion in China, the WHO urged not to restrict flights and trade with its Beijing allies.

Not only that. The WHO, this gentleman, refused to declare COVID-19 a pandemic until March 10 even though it had already spread substantially to European countries. Italy had already collapsed. Spain was amid a viral spread, and COVID-19 was taking hold in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Asia had been infected for over a month, and the virus was starting to be detected in the Americas. Therefore, nobody understood this delay on the part of the WHO. Unless it had nothing to do with the war against the virus but was related to the war of propaganda, in which the communists are dangerous experts.

Taiwan did not wait for the WHO and stopped the virus on time.

China hid from the world the origins of the outbreak and has distorted the numbers of cases and deaths. But it has won the propaganda battle because the WHO, that is, its Director-General, has praised its transparency and effectiveness to the world.

The WHO’s support for China has led to countless deaths and infections in the rest of the world and has already become one of the reasons for the brutal economic crisis that has just unfolded.

Can we ask for this gentleman’s resignation?

Julio Ariza is a lawyer, former Spanish MP, communicator, and president of the Intereconomia Group. 

This article was originally published in Rebelión en la Granja.

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