Maduro has never been the real problem

Venezuela’s power structure is comprised of a collage of criminal gangs, each with a different interest but all united in the desire to maintain the marxist enterprise

Venezuela’s problem has always been the left. (Photo: Flickr)

By Robert Romero


Mass deception regarding the Venezuelan tragedy reached its highest peak with the consolidation of Maduro’s image as the ultimate culprit. He is confidently signaled everywhere as the deepest source of evil in the country – as though his pathetic little role as Cuba’s strawman puppet was merely a theory. His self-aggrandizement to a Stalinist-type dictator was, beginning late 2013, diligently picked up by a calculated global media campaign. The so-called international community got ready to pin all the faults of the Marxist democide on a single scapegoat. It was just so convenient.

Venezuelans, drowned and steeped in marxist mind control, hungry, desperate, and possessed by an ultra-presidential (almost monarchical) political culture, welcomed that narrative with arms wide open. Controlled-opposition talking heads championed, like never before, the sadistic «Chávez was a great leader» fairy tale. Thus, the perfect recipe for the survival of Venezuela’s Left-wing Apartheid system was sold and bought. Maduro is literally Chávez’s heir. But the entire ruling class, so grateful for Hugo’s successful light-speed destruction of Venezuela, and so thankful for their lifestyles, defends his legacy and swears to God that Nicolás wrecked it.

The now-classic «this is not true socialism» was readily attached onto the scapegoating PsyOp. Hence, the international Left can keep on deflecting common sense – and the Revolution desideratum can live on. This is so radically in-your-face true, that the whole “transition” farce is being led by the same political class whose loyalty is “split” between the São Paulo Forum and the Socialist International. Let’s not forget that these two blocs are controlled, behind the scenes, by the same stakeholders. (No, the food chain isn’t topped by Castro and Spain’s PSOE.)

Today, in essence, Venezuela’s masses just want Maduro out: nothing else is on the agenda they were sold by their delinquent “leaders”, nothing else is on their obliterated minds. It suddenly became impossible to grasp the truth: that the high priests of World Revolution -once again eating some of their own children- seek precisely to remove the sultanate’s frontman, and place in his stead another wax dummy. It’s a modest ritual sacrifice, a small price to pay so that the system shall not perish from our land before our nation finally perishes. The average Venezuelan is not going anywhere near freedom; there’s merely a prison-warden shift change going on right now, if it succeeds at all.

Therefore, while the herd celebrates any and every little step towards the removal of Cuba’s sacrificial lamb, we, the ones who have been trying for years to expose the truth about what’s really going on in our country and region, go ahead and say it out loud: Maduro has never been the problem, our problem has always been the left. If the planet’s useful idiots can’t see that this new cycle is yet another fraternal struggle within the left (and that, as such, it is just an impasse), that blindness doesn’t make it less factual.

Ultimately, who rules Venezuela? Nobody. Or should I say nobody that’s covered by the news media? Just like in the Soviet Union, where there wasn’t an actual Government in charge – it was a total paper tiger! There is a junta of factions, be it a troika or a larger table. Venezuela’s power structure is comprised mainly of a collage of criminal gangs, each with a distinct interest but all commonly united in the desire to maintain the marxist enterprise.

Thanks to this project (an agenda as red as the blood they so willingly spill to accomplish their goals) the different factions are able to thrive and exercise some level of domination. It is a parasitical structure defined by the thug mentality: «I know I won’t be around for long, so, in the meantime, let me ransack as much as I can for me and my group».

Is the annihilation of Venezuela (as a recognizable entity) thought of as collateral damage or as necessity? I’m among those who think that they deem it a necessity, because it’s aligned with the scorched-earth policy that their revolutionary forebears advised. It is, in any case, perfectly in tune with the communist program. «The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality. The working men have no country. We cannot take from them what they have not got.» (Marx & Engels, 1848)

Robert Romero is a Venezuelan lawyer who lives in Miami.

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