Europe Won’t Forgive The United States For Saving it From its Own Monsters

Europe, with the leftist Mogherini, tries to avoid the total collapse of the communist adventure in Latin America

U.S. troops in France in 1918 (Share America).

By Hermann Tertsch

Spanish – The United States of America saved Europe twice from its own monsters. The continent owes its freedom to the U.S. The payment has always been disloyalty and contempt.

Europe will not forgive the United States for saving it from its Nazism, fascism, and communism, its very own creations. Europe has protected the curse of the Americas, communist Cuba, for 60 years. And today it betrays America (North, Central, and South) again, with its pettiness, cowardice and insufferable pretense of moral superiority with which it protects in the Americas what it does not want for itself.

Europe’s relativistic, arrogant, and cynical elites prefer that Venezuelans die and Cubans live in slavery, rather than revise its rotten doctrine on the emancipatory romanticism of communism, mixed with all the Rousseauian garbage of the good savage.

Europe and its very questionable social democrat parties have for decades assumed social democracy as the ideology of the state, which crushes everything that questions it.

It never defended freedom in Ibero-America, nor did it want it in Eastern Europe. It adored and has never condemned the Ostpolitik imposed by the German social democracy, which was the most cynical relativism that morally equated the communist regimes of the East with the western democracies.

If not from the trio of defenders, Reagan, Thatcher, and Wojtyla, who were against relativism and presented a thought and politics radically opposed to Ostpolitik, the communist regimes would not have succumbed under that earthquake in 1989.

The shameful attitude of Europe in Venezuela, which goes as far as open complicity with and protection of Maduro’s dictatorship, while the regime murders its population, reveals once again the hypocrisy and affinity of social democracy with social experimentation.

Europe, with the leftist Mogherini as a symbol of the complicity of the social democracy of the European Union with the communist social experimentation in Latin America, symbolized in turn by the Sao Paulo Forum, tries to avoid the total collapse of the communist adventure in Latin America.

The European Union was alarmed by the events of the recent years: Trump’s election, the failure of its grand commitment to the Santos/FARC “peace process” scam, the end of Lula’s fallacious myth and Bolsonaro’s arrival, and the total wreckage in the chaos and crime of its partners, yes, partners, Maduro and Ortega.

That is why European social democracy has resorted to the dirty services of Zapatero and the Spanish government to limit damage and seek a way out of Caracas that is not the total collapse that also drags Cuba. It is a question of preventing freedom from triumphing at all costs.

The triumph of freedom and the fall of the communists in Venezuela and Cuba would come, as it did in Europe, only as a triumph for the United States and the Lima Group, which would thus be ratified for the first time in a position of militant anti-communism. That horrifies the European Union.

The liberation of the whole of the Americas from the nightmare of the cruel experiment with human beings that is socialism in all its aspects would create an immense space of freedom that would contrast with a Europe bound in word and deed by a social democracy that regulates everything.

Hence, there is a reason to think that the Americans can expect nothing from a cynical European Union, already very frightened of the forces on the European continent itself rising for freedom and against friendly, white-washed, social-democratic tyranny.

Europe will try to prevent the communists in Venezuela and Cuba from falling completely like it wanted to save the Cuban communist project in Chile in 1973. If Allende had triumphed, today Mogherini would celebrate the 46th birthday of the communist dictatorship in Chile plagued with hunger and blood.

The forces are cleary advancing in America. Similarly, the hope is that Europe embraces the concepts of individual freedom and democracy and therefore of staunch anti-communist and that social democracy, which enjoys popular consensus, has entered its final crisis.

Europe is going to change, thanks to movements that combat the permanent lie of social democracy and its own social experimentation, which has created a universal servitude of societies silenced and enslaved by tax and control regimes that are enemies of freedom.

Hermann Tertsch is a renowned Spanish journalist and writer. He has five books published and has written for several years in the newspapers El País and ABC. He left the latter to represent Vox in the European Parliament. Follow him on @hermanntertsch.

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