The Sao Paulo Forum and the Threat of Left-wing Totalitarianism

The Sao Paulo Forum was Fidel Castro's political project, aimed at spreading socialist totalitarianism throughout the region.

The Sao Paulo Forum continues to support totalitarian socialist dictatorships in the region (Tn8).

By Gian De Biase

On Tuesday, July 17, the Forum of Sao Paulo convened for its 24th meeting in Havana. The iconic leftist organization adheres to a Castro-inspired socialist ideology, and was born following the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Cuba’s major sponsor, which had catastrophic consequences for the island dictatorship. Castro used the forum as a means to bolster the global socialist movement, despite the widespread condemnation and discrediting of its ideology as Eastern European and Soviet Communism collapsed.

At their first meeting in Sao Paulo, they established a resolution that established their guiding principles.

“The political organizations gathered in Sao Paulo find mutual encouragement to reaffirm our socialist, anti-imperialist, and popular conceptions and objectives in the emergence and development of vast social, democratic, and popular forces in the continent that face the alternatives of imperialism and neoliberal capitalism, and the accompanying sequel of suffering, misery, decay, and anti-democratic oppression. This reality confirms the left and socialism as necessary and emerging alternatives.”

That is, seeing the imminent failure of socialism-communism at the international level, these political parties- many of which would go on to take power in populist or leftist governments-endeavored to implement this political model, despite the fact that all the evidence made it clear that left-wing totalitarianism did not work, having left a trail of hunger, misery, and more than 100 million innocent people dead. However, the Sao Paulo forum sought to implement its ideology with a twist: ostensibly eschewing the dictatorship of Cuba, by winning victories democratically at the ballot box.

Thus, the forum embarked on the same path of resentment, hatred, and class warfare. With this week’s meeting in Cuba, they seek to promote a particularly alarming ideology for the Latin American region:

They reaffirm their irrational hatred for the United States, and continuously dwell upon a non-existent struggle with the US government, while completely ignoring the fact that today all of the underdeveloped and stagnant countries of Latin America are leftist or progressive socialist governments.

They give unconditional support to the socialist dictatorships of Evo Morales, Nicolas Maduro, and Daniel Ortega, supporting the massacres committed against the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan peoples, and the widespread drug trafficking which has become endemic in the Venezuelan dictatorship.

They support Lula Da Silva, despite the he has been found guilty of corruption by both the American and Brazilian legal systems, as well as Venezuela’s justice system in exile.

They seek to align the Latin American left with the European left, with the goal of ​​expanding totalitarian socialism and failure to Europe.

It should be noted that all the socialist and progressive leftist parties and movements in Latin America are members of this forum, including the MORENA party of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico, and the Farabundo Marti Front for the Liberation of El Salvador.

The agenda of the ideological left is the same agenda of the United Nations regarding “social rights”.

In the end this resolution closes with a call to war:

“As we did a year ago, we reaffirm that Latin America and the Caribbean are still fighting! And they maintain the decision to act with optimism, decision, and a greater sense of unity.”

The Sao Paulo Forum is merely a den of perversion for the most retrograde, totalitarian, and failed leftist movements in Latin America and Europe. The objective of the ideological left is to give our sovereignty to the Cuban dictatorship, as half a century ago, the Communist parties, and Cuban socialism did with the USSR through the Comintern.

The deceased dictator Castro, was dedicated to creating his own version of the KGB, called the G2, and also his own Comintern, called Forum of Sao Paulo. It was a ideological haven where all countries committed to their totalitarian agenda, in order to plague our region with banana dictatorships in the name of so-called “progressivism.” Once in power, of course, they sought radical transition to socialism, as occurred in Venezuela under Chavez.

Latin America and Europe are under the threat of the totalitarianism of the ideological left: they will hand over our countries, our resources, and our individual freedom in order to continue the failed work of Fidel Castro: to take down the United States of America, the eternal guardian of freedom.

As a hemisphere, the need to articulate a right-wing regional political movement capable of stopping all these socialist and progressive delinquents and murderers is imperative, so that our countries can return to the path of development, under the patriotic values ​​of the defense of life, property, and freedom.

Gian De Biase is a political scientist.

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