Cuba’s Very First Libertarian Party Is Born

By: Guest Contributor - May 8, 2017, 7:27 pm
Partido Libertario Cubano
We, the members of the Cuban Libertarian Party, do not fear any attacks against our bodies, because our ideas will live on and achieve freedom (Nelson Chartrand).


By Nelson Rodríguez Chartrand

On Sunday, May 7, 2017, a milestone was set in Cuban history, as well as for lovers and defenders of freedom worldwide: the Cuban Libertarian Party “José Martí” was founded.

The event was held at the headquarters of the Libertarian Library “Benjamin Franklin”. The space will be shared with the new political organization, located in Cisneros Betancourt 1294, between 3rd street and Linderos, Los Pinos, in the capital city of Arroyo Naranjo.

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This organization is an extension of the objectives that were first proposed by the Cuban Anarchocapitalist Club and, later, the Mises Cuba Institute. The Libertarian Library “Benjamin Franklin”, founded last December 24, will be the source of the philosophy it defends.

After reading the Agreement of Constitution of the Party, those present received an official request of affiliation to the organization.

The new party will have, among others, the supreme purpose of defending freedom, human and civil rights of the people, promoting and proposing the reduction of the prevailing collectivism in society and the excessive paternalism of the public administrations, affirming and strengthening individual sovereignty in all areas of life, minimizing the volume and interference of the state and supporting the establishment of a spontaneous social and economic order.


In addition, the Cuban Libertarian Party will seek to reduce government interference in culture, education, solidarity and ethical issues, as well as establish a legal system emanating from the free will of the citizens that effectively guarantees the aforementioned goals.

“It is curious and interesting that the activity was carried out without an overshadow, at least perceivable of State Security agents”, commented one of the participants, since until now several members have been arrested (one was even burned with a cigarette in prison) and threatened.

A few days ago, state security agents went to the headquarters of the library, now shared with the brand new Cuban Libertarian Party – José Martí and took a member forcefully in order to induce fear. He was told that the project will last until the regime allows it.

But we will not be overcome by fear. As the Greek saying goes: “‘Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” We do not fear reprisals about our bodies, because our ideas will transcend and I will get freedom. We do not dear any attacks against our bodies, because our ideas will trascend and achieve freedom.

Nelson Rodríguez Chartrand is a lecturer, co-founder of the Libertarian Library Benjamin Franklin, and a lawyer graduated but not allowed to practice by the regime in Cuba.

Do the Venezuelan Armed Forces Know they Defend a Narco-State?

By: Antonella Marty - @AntonellaMarty - May 8, 2017, 6:13 pm

Español I do not think that an open letter to the Armed Forces, guards, or police in Venezuela will be effective. They will probably never get to read it. Venezuelans have the ability, through their actions and words, to make a statement to these army guards and soldiers who insist on hurting, assaulting, and murdering their fellow Venezuelans, their brothers and sisters, in the name of the Bolivarian revolution orchestrated by Fidel Castro, implemented by Hugo Chavez, and stubbornly protected by Nicolás Maduro. Read More: Eight Latin American Countries Strongly Condemn the Venezuelan Dictatorship's Violent Repression Read More: Why Venezuela's Dictatorship is About to End These soldiers and police totally blinded by the head of the regime and what it represents, are repressing the elderly, young people, children. Elders who have seen the creation and development of this repressive state machinery that was born with Chavez, young people who have only known this type of government and have lived their whole lives under the same Chavista authoritarian regime, and children who suffer from tear gas in hospitals, hunger or illness due to lack of food and medicine all over Venezuela. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); }); Perhaps many of these guards do not rebel out of fear, threats by the regime, threats to relatives who dare to question the dictatorship, because the lives of their loved ones are threatened. The reality is that if Nicolas Maduro's dictatorial regime continues in Venezuela, his relatives will die or suffer sooner or later, either because of lack of medicines, hunger or the terrifying degree of criminality all over Venezuelan streets. The issue lies in the following. At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, the dictatorship will fall. Once that dictatorship falls, all those who were propped up by the use of terror, fear and threats of the Bolivarian narco-state, will be unprotected and their violations of human rights will be exposed to absolutely everyone. The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of these members of the army or GNB will feel ashamed of having relatives who defended a murderous and torturing dictatorship. Is that what they want for their future generations? This is the precise moment when those guards must make a decision that will change not only their lives but also the lives of their future generations: on what side of history do they want to be? On the side of repression or the side of freedom? On the side of the dictatorship or the side of democracy? You should not forget that it was Simon Bolivar who said "curse the soldier who points his weapon against his own people." They will not want his curse to fall on them. The GNB Primer has 84 articles. Article 8 states that the guard "will always provide comfort for the afflicted, will aid those under assault from criminality; whoever house is in flames, will soon see the fire extinguished; whoever sees their child  dragged away by the current, should consider them saved; and finally, they must always look after the property and security of all." This article is one of many that the guards are breaching. Mainly because their presence on the streets and loyalty to the regime have become an unfortunate development for all Venezuelans in good faith who seek a free and democratic Venezuela. These guards, who operate to defend a dictatorial, stubborn, capricious and drug dealing regime, are the dictator's faithful tools, who does nothing more than use them at his convenience, causing them to betray their country, their own people, to Venezuela, while defending a a group of thieves living with luxuries and riches. Article 26 of the Charter states that "the Bolivarian National Guard must ascertain the whereabouts of thieves who have committed a robbery and also the whereabouts of the stolen goods, as well as the places where they may be hidden, as well as the people in whose possession they may be found, whether it be jewelry, clothing, field products, equestrian gear, or any kind of livestock." This is yet another commandment they are not fulfilling. In fact, they are working for and providing their services to those thieves whose whereabouts they should be seeking to discover. Likewise Article 37, states that the GNB must have "a tireless zeal in the persecution of wrong-doers and disturbers of public peace." Paradoxical, while its leaders, the military of high command and the dictators of the regime are the first evil-doers who disturb public peace, as indicated in Article 44, which states that "it will always be the duty of the Bolivarian National Guard to pursue and capture all the violators of laws, especially murderers and thieves", another provision which they are not fulfilling. The main killers, thieves and lawbreakers in Venezuela are those who are in power at this precise moment. It is time for these guards and police to have courage; like Venezuelan women did in the last march of women on Sunday. It is time for them to decide on what side of history they want to be and how they will be judged, not only by the people of Venezuela, but also by their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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