Cuba’s Castro Defends North Korean Dictator from Trump Pressure

“Cuba conveys its total support to the Workers Party of Korea” (Twitter).


Raul Castro is ready to help his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un as he faces a crisis with the Trump administration, according to reports North Korean state media.

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), during the meeting of the World Federation of Trade Unions held this week in Havana, Castro expressed his support for the North Korean union leader Ju Yong-gil.

The KCNA stated, “in reference to the current situation on the Korean peninsula, Raul Castro Ruz said that Cuba conveys its full support to the Korean Workers’ Party and the Korean people in their just struggle, and that it will always be aligned with them on the united Anti-American front.”

The Korean trade union leader’s trip to the Caribbean island took place amid high tension between North Korea and the United States over continued missile tests. Trump’s administration recently conducted an intercontinental missile test and suggested that it could strike preemptively.

Cuba and North Korea have maintained good relations since 1960 when they began diplomatic relations. However, in recent days North Korea has strengthened those ties after tougher sanctions imposed by the UN after its continued tests of weapons of mass destruction.

However, as Cuba and North Korea strengthen their alliance, the United States Air Force carried out further tests during the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 3rd, with a second nuclear-capable intercontinental missile launched from Vandenberg, California, according to the Pentagon.

Shortly after midnight, local time, the American army launched the intercontinental Minuteman III missile. According to Colonel Craig Ramsey, “efforts like these are what make nuclear deterrence effective.”

Cuba and North Korea remain one of a mere handful of hardline Communist dictatorships that remain in power, following the collapse of Communism a generation ago.

Source: El Nuevo Herald.

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