Nisman: The Lawyer Who Dethroned “Queen Cristina”

"La mentira en el sistema kirchnerista no es un error o una transgresión, es un método de poder." (Diariomovil)
“The lies spread by the government of Cristina Kirchner aren’t a mistake: they’re a method of control.” (Diariomovil)

EspañolBy José Benegas

Ayn Rand knew that total control of the population required the suppression of reality, the breaking of the link between our reason and the information our senses provide us with. Reason must be relegated to a mystic activity, with the only order an individual can submit to is an unquestioning belief in the fictions propagated by power: “the official story.” The lies spread by the government of Cristina Kirchner aren’t a mistake, they’re a method of control.

Alberto Nisman is a victim of this system in which a monstrous apparatus of aggression and propaganda daily dictates what one should believe, despite obvious evidence to the contrary. In this way, perceptions of inflation, insecurity, the diverting of state funds to the presidential family, and a history of political violence, can all be forgotten.

After 12 years of war on reality, a good part of the population accepts whatever they’re told, even if it’s the opposite of what they were told to believe just yesterday. They do it in the only way that such a thing is possible: through fanaticism. Not only Nisman, but anyone can be killed once “one plus one equals two” has been outlawed;  accepting it is necessary for survival.

The Argentinean government is spearheading a fearful process of betraying its own people, collaborating with the authors of the biggest terrorist attack in the nation’s history. Beyond the significance of Nisman’s investigation into the government’s alleged cover-up of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA center, the prosecutor has successfully dethroned the king, or the queen, herself, proving her new clothes to be as transparent as we all suspected.

If you find the dead body of a person next to his worst enemy, if this enemy continues denigrating the victim after his death, doing everything he can to prevent him from continuing to speak, lying systematically about the circumstances of his death, behaving in an evasive and incoherent way, he would be the principal suspect even for a child of five. But sometimes reality is too horrible for people to accept the truth.

If 1+1=2, the deceitful Kirchnerist system of madness and extortion has been tolerated to a greater or lesser extent by its accomplices and even by its media critics. All are indirect culprits of this crime.

Was Kirchnerism, when it is added up, little more than a bad government, slightly paranoid, deceitful, corrupt, and brutish? Or are we actually dealing with a criminal regime that sacrificed its own citizens to survive, extorted individuals to maintains its prestige, defamed its enemies, and used the state as a weapon of terror; in short, a regime that kills?

José Benegas is an Argentinean journalist and lawyer, and director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy. Follow him @JoseBenegas.

Translated by Laurie Blair.

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