The FARC Returns to Doing What it Does Best: Terrorizing the Colombian People

A key contingent of the FARC has announced that it will return to the battlefield.

The FARC’s return to the battlefield should come as a surprise to no one (OT).

This is about the least unexpected news story ever. For anyone who has paid attention to the “peace deal” sponsored by the Cuban Communist dictatorship, negotiated in Havana, and presided over by the Santos administration, the controversial agreement was always prone to collapse.

The Marxist fanatics who comprise the FARC can not be trusted to do anything they say they will do. They are thieves, liars, murderers, and drug traffickers.

The Colombian people, in their wisdom, rejected Santos’ fraudulent peace deal, which gave the FARC the free run of the country as well as completely unearned seats in Congress. The FARC did not lay down their weapons, they did not demobilize, they did not leave the drug business, and estimates routinely suggest that around 40% of their 7,000 fighters are right back in the mountains and jungles of Colombia doing what they do best: trafficking cocaine and terrorizing the Colombian people.

Despite the relative unpopularity of the Duque administration, Colombians have never had a better reason to rejoice that former guerrilla Gustavo Petro is not the president of Colombia. The Colombian Left was quick to blame this most recent development on their favorite punching bag: Alvaro Uribe. However, based on the 2018 election results, the Colombian public clearly understands that the FARC, not the Centro Democratico, is to blame for this turn of events.

The Colombian people rejected the peace deal in a free and fair democratic election. Why would they (or anyone) want to go along with a deal sponsored by the Communist dictatorship of the vile Castro brothers, also internationally-recognized cocaine traffickers. The peace deal is one giant farce. The FARC did not comply with the provisions; they still have weapons; they still have their money and land; they still are heavily involved in the drug business, and they have no support from the Colombian people (as evidenced by their absolutely pathetic showing in the 2018 elections). We should all be counting down the days until these vile Communists will no longer enjoy their completely unearned seats in Congress (another insult to the “democracy” foisted upon us by the globalist elites).

For those who believe that the FARC have been good citizens during this whole process, they are deluding themselves. They are loathed and reviled by the Colombian people, and they are completely untrustworthy.

If you were to take a poll, asking the Colombian public if the FARC can be trusted to comply with the terms of the agreement, what do you think you’d find? I believe that 90% would say no, and 2% would say yes. The FARC is not a political party…it is a criminal terrorist organization that has never done anything good for the Colombian people.

They paint themselves as “social justice warriors”, fighting for the common man and against big corporations, imperialism, and US interests. In reality, the greatest threat to the common people in Colombia is the FARC itself. For decades they have preyed upon children, recruiting both young boys and girls as soldiers, frequently taking girls just 13 or 14 years old as concubines. They rule vast swathes of inhospitable mountain and jungle terrain with an iron fist, killing those who question their authority in any way.

The members of the FARC are not advocates for social justice; they are advocates for their own economic interests. Ironically, despite their mantle of Marxist ideology, their fundamental business is entirely a capitalistic model: building a monopoly in the cocaine production and distribution business, and then ruthlessly squelching competition.

Yes, now key elements of the FARC will once again “take up arms” and return to the battlefield. Many of their comrades will join them. This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

FARC fighters are not interested in reintegrating into daily life, working a 50 hour work week for a $300 monthly minimum wage at their local Exito. The appeal of the lifestyle is the ability to take what they want by force: land, money, women.

To the FARC fighters who are actually trying to honor the terms of the peace agreement (which was extremely lenient and generous in relation to decades of criminal behavior), it would be reasonable to acknowledge that this is a preferable alternative to returning to the battlefield.

However, don’t hold your breath. There were never great odds that the 7,000 FARC loyalists were going to magically transform into upstanding citizens over night.

Alvaro Uribe and Ivan Duque are not the problem here. They have done more than anyone to turn Colombia around…ushering in over a decade of stability and prosperity.

The real torment of the Colombian people is Marxist ideology, which has been responsible for killing over 100 million people in the 20th century alone.

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