Democrats Won’t Let Go of False Trump Russia Collusion Narrative

Even after Mueller's report exonerating Trump from charges of collusion with the Russian government, top Democrats are still seeking to impeach the president, despite evidence of any crime.

Trump’s political enemies are seeking to rally the Democratic base to demand impeachment (ABC).

It is unbelievable that after a report issued by Mueller, wrapping up a two and a half year investigation, which clearly demonstrates that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, that major presidential candidates in the Democratic Party want to impeach Trump.

Currently 84 Democratic members of the House of Representatives want to impeach Trump, as well as 9 of the 24 candidates in the crowded presidential primary. This includes 3 of the 4 leading contenders: Senators Bernie Sanders (VT), Elizabeth Warren (MA), and Kamala Harris (CA). Only the “moderate” Joe Biden has yet to explicitly call for the removal of Trump via impeachment.

Fortunately, the American people are able to see this for what it really is: only 21% want Congress to start impeachment proceedings in the latest poll. Unsurprisingly, Democrats make up the vast majority of those who view impeachment favorably. The dramatic measure has virtually no support from Republicans, and a cool reception from independents.

Yet, we continue to hear about the same things from the increasingly left-leaning Democratic primary candidates: terms like “abuse of power”, “obstruction of justice” and “corruption.”

Where is the evidence?

The real abuse of power here is not on the part of Trump: it’s on the part of the Democratic Party leaders, like Elizabeth Warren, who want to concoct a fantasy about Putin and Trump working together to “attack our democracy”…despite clear evidence to the contrary. There is no Constitutional provision for impeaching a president because you don’t like him. There is no Constitutional provision for impeaching a president because he says things on Twitter that hurt your feelings. There is no Constitutional provision for removing Trump from office because of his attacks on Somali-born Ilhan Omar.

Consider this. Are the Democrats proposing to impeach Trump because they have actually evidence that meets the standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors” established by the Constitution? Or are they pursuing this strategy to try to force him out of office because they don’t agree with his policies and they don’t like him personally?

What of the “obstruction of justice” charge; the one that is often repeated by the Democrats and their army of talking heads in the mainstream media?

As Tim Lynch notes, writing for the Cato Institute, it’s an extremely subjective and vague term, with incredible potential for abuses: ” ‘Obstruction’ has sometimes been defined by the authorities as almost any action that “impedes” an investigation.  Invoking your constitutional right to silence, your right to speak with an attorney, or the attorney-client privilege are sometimes deemed ‘obstruction’.”

It’s also an extremely difficult crime to prove, as the New York Times notes.

Impeaching Trump without clear evidence of a crime, needless to say, would be an incredibly divisive political maneuver, even if the Democrats had sufficient votes in the Senate to confirm the impeachment, which they do not.

What this really amounts to is nothing more than an feebly attempted coup d’etat by the Deep State and its allies in the Democratic Party, the CIA, the FBI, and the federal bureaucracy, to undermine, discredit, and delegitimize a democratically-elected president at every turn.

In contrast, when the Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton, they at least had incontrovertible evidence of a clear and specific crime: perjury. Likewise, the FBI had clear and incontrovertible evidence of Hillary Clinton’s criminal conduct with respect to her private email server. The best the Democrats can come up with is the fact that foreign diplomats stay at Trump hotels in Washington DC. That foreign emoluments case, however, was just thrown out by a federal appeals court.

The witch-hunt continues, but the good news is, it will not succeed. The way to defeat a president that you don’t like is to vote him out of office; not to concoct a fantasy that has already been disproved (and then conveniently ignored by the mainstream media).

The Democrats are abusing their power, and seeking to overthrow a democratically elected president, without any evidence of anything that even comes close to meeting the definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Not a very “democratic” party, is it?

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