Why Doesn’t Elizabeth Warren Fund Her Own Childcare Plan?

Elizabeth Warren's latest Marxist redistribution scheme: a "free" and "universal" childcare plan, paid for by tax hikes.

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t want to put up any of her own vast fortune to fund childcare for working class Americans (TCS).

The goal of every Communist society is to eliminate markets, eliminate prices, and then make everything “free.” This is the model that has devastated economies across Latin America, as the government pays low information, low income voters in exchange for their political support. Socialist and Communist parties seek to fundamentally change public perception of the role of government in society, and the rights of an individual to a variety of “free” services, provided by government Marxist redistribution.

These socialist economic policies devastated Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. In Brazil and Argentina, voters finally threw out the socialist scoundrels. In Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro for now hangs on, as he seeks to consolidate his Communist dictatorship with an iron fist.

But it is not just in Latin America that the specter of socialism is haunting a continent.

Elizabeth Warren’s new childcare policy is the latest Marxist redistribution scheme to be offered up by the Massachusetts senator.

Surprise, surprise…it promises to provide “free” universal childcare for those in certain income brackets.

The policy provides terrible incentives on two counts: 1. It encourages people to earn less than 200% of the federal poverty line (so that they can have “free” childcare along with their slice of the rest of the $1 trillion we spend on a social safety net every year). 2. It encourages people who can not afford to have children to have them…even if they can’t afford to take care of them.

Because just like in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Pol Pot-era Cambodia, Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China…you, the individual, are not responsible for taking care of yourself. The government is responsible for “taking care of you.” Hurrah! Let’s encourage poor families to earn low wages, and have lots of children that they can’t take care of. What could possibly go wrong?

I know what would be very beneficial for Elizabeth Warren from this proposal: when a lot of low-income, low-achieving families have a lot more children…then those children will attend their local Marxist Indoctrination Center (read: inner city public school) and grow up to believe in the fundamental tenants of socialism, then become ready and reliable Democratic voters, and go to volunteer for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for president campaign!

I can’t wait to see Warren’s next proposal. How about this…everyone who makes under 100k a year gets a free house? After all, everyone needs a house to live in. And it’s most unfair that some people own their very own home and others don’t. Why should only hardworking people get to own their own home?

Finally, I believe that a new rule should apply to unconstitutional Congressional appropriations. Any member of Congress who proposes new legislation that is completely unauthorized (in fact explicitly prohibited) by Congress, should voluntarily disburse the first funds from their own net worth.

Warren is worth nearly USD $10 million, according to various Congressional disclosure forms and estimates. If she wants to provide free childcare to families who never considered how they were going to care for their own children, then I suggest we expropriate Warren’s private property (her ten million) to fund the program.

After all, it seems rather unfair that when Warren is in the upper echelons of the top 1%, that she would expect others to pay for her schemes. Why isn’t she funding the program with her own vast wealth?

The answer is probably this: it’s nice living in the lap of luxury in a Cambridge mansion. I don’t think Warren would enjoy giving up her millions, and then living in a government housing project in Dorchester or Roxbury.

Warren, as a law professor, has a profoundly non-existent understanding of the Constitution. It might behoove her to begin with this question: where in the Constitution, is there anything to suggest that “free” childcare is a “right” from the federal government?

While she ponders that question…don’t expect her to put up a dime of her millions to fund her marvelous solution to childcare.

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