Democratic Coup d’Etat Effort Fails, as Russia Collusion Investigation Implodes

Defiant Democrats, including House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff, are pledging to press on with the Russia investigation, despite at total exoneration for Donald Trump from the Mueller report.

The Democrats’ efforts to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election have failed; Trump will finish his term, and likely win reelection in 2020 (Aldia).

So…about that “collusion with Russia”…I’m sure that a lot of self-proclaimed “political activists” are going to be in a very humble mood today, as they apologize to everyone on social media for spending the last three years spreading lies, rumors, conspiracies, and falsehoods. Somehow I’m not going to be holding my breath.

And how about everyone’s favorite Trump investigator, California Congressman Adam Schiff? One would think he might emerge from this weekend’s announcements with a penitent perspective, and some semblance of humility.

Well, not so much.

Schiff remained defiant, arguing profusely that evidence of collusion was in “plain sight,” prompting howls of indignation from House Republicans. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy argued “Now we find out that none of that [collusion with Russia] is true…He should first apologize to the American public and he should step back from the chairmanship.”

Schiff, however, has other plans. With a stellar endorsement of his committee’s fine work by Nancy Pelosi in tow, Schiff has plans for further Russia investigations into the Trump Tower project! Apparently, 675 days and 500 witnesses with no evidence or Russian collusion was not enough for the tireless and indefatigable Schiff; and let’s be honest…he certainly doesn’t want to cut back on his dozens of monthly television appearances.

Then, there was the FBI. For anyone from Boston, we know how corruptible the once-seemingly-incorruptible FBI could quickly become. Just ask Whitey Bulger about that. The FBI (packed by highly partisan HRC-loving Democrats) decided to open an investigation into Russian collusion, despite knowing full well that there was absolutely no veracity to any claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

We know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s text messages, which documented that “there was no there there.” Meaning, that despite every intent by the Deep State and its minions, backed by the Obama administration at every turn, to find a shred of evidence that Trump collaborated with Russia to steal a presidential election, they came up empty-handed.

At every moment, the entirely fictitious investigation was aided and abetted by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.

This should go down as the greatest mainstream media debacle in history.

But, of course, Trump does not deserve an apology, and he will not get one from the mainstream media “journalists”…whose job titles should really be: Democratic campaign operatives.

The mainstream media and the Democratic Party have handed the 2020 election to Trump, and they have only themselves to blame for that. Trump will squeeze every last drop out of the failed Russia investigation, and his hardscrabble blue collar base will love it. 675 days later, and Mueller confirms what anyone who has been paying attention knew long ago:

Trump is not a foreign agent of the Russian government. Trump does not take orders from Vladimir Putin (in fact the two are increasingly enemies). Trump is not making his decision based upon future lucrative business deals that he might receive from the Russian government and/or oligarchs.

Matt Taibbi has written the best piece thus far on the Russia debacle.

Therein, Taibbi runs us through what the mainstream media and the Democratic Party have treated the American people to, over the past three years: HRC’s wild speculations, the Democratic Party/mainstream media collusion, the left-wing echo chamber where every new development was a new “bombshell” even more salacious and explosive than the one before, as left-wing media pundits in the NYC-DC power corridor salivated.

But really, the heart of the Russia matter boils down to this, according to Taibbi

“There was never real gray area here. Either Trump is a compromised foreign agent, or he isn’t. If he isn’t, news outlets once again swallowed a massive disinformation campaign, only this error is many orders of magnitude more stupid than any in the recent past, WMD included. Honest reporters like ABC’s Terry Moran understand: Mueller coming back empty-handed on collusion means a “reckoning for the media.”

Of course, there won’t be such a reckoning. (There never is). But there should be. We broke every written and unwritten rule in pursuit of this story, starting with the prohibition on reporting things we can’t confirm.”

Yes, the mainstream media, in their ruthless and vicious bid to drive Trump from office, broke every rule of Journalism 101. They will never apologize for it. Rather, they will be encouraged to go to even greater lengths to drive Trump from office, should he win in 2020, which is now appearing a whole lot more likely.

The mainstream media and the Democratic Party love democracy when it brings leftists to power. When they don’t like the results of elections, they stage the most serious attempt at a coup d’etat in American history: the “Russia Collusion Investigation.”

RIP…Russia Collusion Investigation

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