Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren’s Laughable DNA Test

Senator Elizabeth Warren is exulting in a DNA test that shows she has a minuscule amount of Native American ancestry, but the typical European American has more.

Senator Elizabeth Warren may be between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American” (Rush Limbaugh).

Massachusetts residents have had the distinct “privilege” of being represented by Elizabeth Warren in the Senate since 2012. During her first term in the Senate, Warren has distinguished herself as a champion of political correctness, socialism, big government, redistribution of wealth, open borders, and fiscal irresponsibility.

The sheer lunacy of her Marxist public policy (read the text of Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act), is exceeded only by the utter hilarity of her obviously false claims to be Native American. Harvard University, in fact, touted her as a “Native American” professor at a time when they were under fire for their dearth of non-white non-male faculty.

Mike Chmura, spokesperson for the school, even promoted Warren as a “Native American professor” in an interview with the Harvard Crimson.

Warren has been widely ridiculed for her claims, and their dubious nature was widely regarded, across the political spectrum, to be a major liability heading into a widely expected 2020 presidential run.

And then, yesterday, Elizabeth Warren triumphantly announced the results of her DNA test!

According to Stanford professor Carlos Bustamante, there is evidence that Warren had a Native American ancestor between 6 and 10 generations ago. The story was first reported by the ever-fawning and obsequious Boston Globe, which promptly misreported the statistics involved in her ethnic makeup, and was forced to issue, not one, but two corrections!

In typical Boston Globe fashion, they incorrectly calculated the fraction of Warren’s supposed Native American ancestry, claiming that it was higher than it was. In fact, based on Bustamante’s anlysis, Warren is between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American. Congratulations Senator Warren! You have really done it this time…and how dare we doubted you!

The Cherokee Nation quickly condemned Warren for touting her Native American heritage, and US Representative Markwayne Mullin had the greatest analysis of all: “There was a 2014 scientific study and it said that the average European American walking around is 0.18% Native American. She’s half of that. So, the idea that she continues to double down on this lie is the most disgusting thing to me.”

So, even if she is at the upper range of Bustamante’s analysis, she has less indigenous American blood that the typical European American. It is laughably Orwellian that she is actually trumpeting her DNA analysis from the rooftops. No American Indian tribe considers an individual with between 1/64 and 1/1,024 blood to be a member of the tribe.

But it gets even better than that. Bustamante admittedly had to make some major leaps to arrive at his conclusions: namely, there is insufficient Native American DNA to perform a full analysis, so Bustamante instead searched for DNA from Mexican, Colombian, and Peruvian sources. So the real quantity of Native American blood in Elizabeth Warren is quite possibly zero.

In the Orwellian age in which we live, Warren has used the results of a DNA test that proves that she is not a Native American, as evidence to triumphantly trumpet her Native American status from the rooftops. Even many on the left found her exuberance to be less than well-founded.

Sadly, Warren appears to be a shoo-in for reelection, with polls consistently showing her with a 20 to 25 point lead over Massachusetts state representative Geoff Diehl. It is all but certain that right after the midterm elections, she will launch a presidential campaign, which she is all but certain to lose.

Should Bernie Sanders run again, as most expect him to, they will quickly find themselves competing for the same bloc of hardcore Marxist socialist activists in the Democratic Party: the same wave of far-leftists that gave Bernie 43% of the vote in the Democratic primary in 2016, and propelled socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley to the House of Representatives.

Warren can revel in her new identity as a woman who is 1/64 to 1/1,024 “Native American” (making her less Native American than they typical European American)….but she’s not fooling anyone.

Despite the far-left lurch in the Democratic Party, smart money (and the latest polls) is on moderate Joe Biden. Perhaps the Democratic Party rank-and-file is at least prescient enough to realize that a socialist like Warren or Sanders is never going to beat Trump.

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