The Chinese Communist Party Infiltrates America via the Confucius Institute

The Chinese Communist Party is now at the forefront of language education in the United States (
The Chinese Communist Party is now at the forefront of language education in the United States (

“Coordinate the efforts of overseas and domestic propaganda…further create a favorable international environment for us…with regard to key issues that influence our sovereignty and safety, we should actively carry out international propaganda battles against issuers such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, human rights and Falun Gong…we should do well in establishing and operating overseas cultural centers and Confucius Institutes.”-Chinese Minister of Propaganda Liu Yunshan, 2010

“Let’s suppose that a cruel, tyrannical, and repressive foreign government offered to pay for American teens to study its national language in our schools. Would you take the deal?”-Jonathan Zimmerman, Penn Graduate School of Education

The global Communist movement is on the march. From the Bernie Sanders campaign, to 8 years of the socialism of Barack Hussein Obama, to the vile machinations, torture, and human rights abuses of China, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea. They are now seeking to infiltrate American higher education, where they are received with open arms by left-wing university professors and administrators.

The new vehicle, which has been greeted with such enthusiasm at colleges and universities worldwide, and particularly in the United States, is the “Confucius Institute.” It is directly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and in addition to its Confucius Institute, targeting university students, it also offers up “Confucius Classrooms” for public school students. Programs have already been announced in Texas and Boston public schools to develop such classes.

While the program masquerades as an innocuous Chinese language and culture experience, the underlying theme is glorification and indoctrination of the Chinese Communist Experience. While it partners with local universities, the vast majority of the professors are paid directly by the Communist government, under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Questioning the party line is not permitted under any circumstances. Disagreeing with Beijing is tantamount to a death sentence.

Putting the Chinese Communist government in charge of Chinese cultural and language education in the United States would be like putting the Nazi Party in charge of German language studies in the US, or the Islamic State caliphate in charge of Arabic instruction. The only deficiency in this comparison is that it is far too generous to Mao Zedong and his empire of evil.

In this age of ignorance in which we live, where the atrocities of Communism are routinely whitewashed by left-wing professors, probably a majority of American university students do not even know the history of the CCP. Consider that during Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” (perhaps one of the most laughably contradictory names in the history of humanity), an estimated 45 million people died between 1958 and 1962 alone, due to a combination of brutality and incompetence.

Surely one would think that Mao would go down as a villain to rival Stalin and Hitler, most especially in China, right? After all, these were the parents and grandparents of hundreds of millions of current Chinese citizens.

Exactly the opposite is true. Mao is not just tolerated, but worshiped, adulated, venerated, considered a hero. This is the same regime, after all, that sends political prisoners by the thousands to work in forced labor concentration camps. The same regime that murdered 218 peaceful protesters who demanded democracy in Tiananmen Square. The same regime that brutally oppresses a Buddhist Tibetan minority, wages constant cyberwarfare on the United States, steals our intellectual property, and floods our markets with counterfeit goods.

But some fake Gucci handbags pale in comparison to a Communist Party that is generally considered to have killed around 80 million innocent people over the course of the past three generations.

Putting employees of the Chinese Communist Party on our college and university campuses is completely antithetical to the principles of academic freedom. But where is the outcry?

Only a handful have been closed, and the Confucius Institute has plans for aggressive expansion throughout the United States.

A recent piece in Politico Magazine reveals the extent to which misinformation and propaganda have permeated the institute: “One student I spoke to—a junior at the University of Kentucky, which is home to a Confucius Institute—recalls attending a Confucius event at which another student, who was considering studying abroad in China, asked about the air pollution there. The response from the Confucius faculty was that the reports of pollution were ‘misinformation promoted in the U.S. media’ .”

Well, of course. There is no independent media in China. There is no criticism allowed of the government or Communism. There is no freedom of speech, there is no freedom of the press, or freedom of religion. Its puppet fake “Christian churches” that are established by the Communist Party are filled to the brim with spies and informants, while churches that dare to worship freely are dynamited by the government.

Disagreeing with the vile Chinese Communist Party is a one way ticket to a concentration camp and/or death sentence.

Unsurprisingly, the Confucius Institute has little to no interest in interacting with the media, and no interest in being questioned or subject to any kind of review or inquiry. The experience of Rachelle Peterson, Policy Director of the National Association of Scholars, is particularly telling.

She had “called the Confucius Institute, spoken to a teacher…and received permission to sit in on [a class]. As she observed the Chinese-language class, she recalls, the provost of the university charged into the classroom, interrupting the lesson. He ordered her removal from the classroom and told her she had to leave the campus immediately. Two security guards swiftly escorted her off campus. (Alfred University did not respond to a request for comment asking to confirm or deny Peterson’s account.)”

A mild treatment compared to the fate that would await anyone in China who dared to question the machinations or policy of the Communist Party.

Throughout history Communism and socialism have survived through deceit, manipulation, and trickery. They play up learning an exciting new language, and having a new appreciation for Chinese culture. But the real goal is to normalize, excuse, and promote a regime that is actively opposed to everything that Americans hold dear.

They despise democracy. They brutally repress freedom of speech, assembly, and of the press. They trample on economic freedom and research. And now they have the run of many of our leading colleges and universities.

Just wait for a “Confucius Institute” to come to your local college campus, while Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren tell you how giving them more power and money in Washington is going to solve all of your problems. If Bernie and Elizabeth and their Communist pals in Congress just had more taxpayer money, then they could succeed, once and for all, in controlling Americans’ lives, homes, land, and businesses.

While we watch the Chinese Communist Party take American academia by storm, I’m looking forward to the grand launch of some other institutes founded in honor of leading socialist dictators:

The Kim Jong-Un Institute for Freedom of Religion

The Nicolas Maduro Institute for Economic Development

The Joseph Stalin Institute for Freedom of Speech

The Mao Zedong Institute for Freedom of the Press

The Muammar Gaddafi Institute for Peace

The Fidel Castro Institute for Gay Rights

The Bashar al-Assad Institute for Tolerance and Diversity

The Pol Pot Institute for Social Mobility

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