PanAm Video Blog: How to Overturn a Democratic Election


Since Donald Trump‘s improbable and unexpected victory last year, the activist base of the Democratic Party has been singularly focused on one thing: the impeachment of Donald Trump. For all their discussion of the supposedly grave threat that his election constituted for American democracy, they seem to have unrestrained enthusiasm for subverting democracy, and overturning the results of a democratic election.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton fair and square, in an election that was determined by the American people, not by Russian intelligence or Macedonian content farmers, despite what the hardcore left wing of the Democratic Party would like you to believe.

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The Constitution clearly establishes, with 100% certainty, that the winner of the electoral college wins the presidency. Over the course of the past year, rather than speculate as to why they fielded such weak candidates in 2016, the activist base has done everything within their power to overturn the results of a democratic election, using a string of preposterous means, none of which is rooted in American law or the Constitution.

First, of course, they told us that Hillary Clinton had really won the election because she won the popular vote. The solution: change the Constitution, to make the winner of the popular vote the winner of the presidential election.

Next they tried to persuade electors, in clear violation of the law in most states, to vote for someone other than Donald Trump, against the will of the people.

Next, led by blowhard Georgia Congressman John Lewis, they attempted to deny that Trump was president, even after his election by the electoral college.

They blamed Russian intelligence for hacking emails, and the Russian government for sponsoring biased pro-Trump news coverage at state-owned RT News, even though its viewership in the United States is minimal, and it generally skews left.

They blame Trump for the hack of the DNC emails, despite a complete lack of evidence that the Trump campaign was involved in the incident, which highlighted how the DNC completely rigged the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, to the detriment of Bernie Sanders.

If you don’t like Trump (and there are many valid reasons for not liking Trump)…then vote him out of office in 2020. But don’t conjure up baseless charges that do not even come close to meeting the standard of an impeachable offense.

The Republicans tried to impeach Clinton on a perjury charge 20 years ago. It backfired. The Democrats would be well-advised to focus on fielding a superb candidate for 2020. Not on impeaching Trump.

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