PanAm Podcast: Is Trump as Anti-Immigrant as the Media Makes Him Out to Be?


The mainstream media delights in painting Trump’s policies as rooted in a toxic blend of virulent xenophobia, racism, and nativism centered around an irrational fear of immigration. Former White House green jobs tsar turned CNN commentator Van Jones deemed Trump’s victory a “whitelash against a changing America.” Trump has been under constant assault and legal challenges regarding his proposed wall along the Mexican border, and a travel ban from several Muslim majority countries.

But is Trump’s agenda on immigration as radical as many on the left would make it out to be? As the nation remains as politically divided as ever, what would be a reasonable compromise on immigration reform? And is there any hope of uniting the nation, and reviving the bipartisan work pursued by the Gang of 8 in the US Senate?

Fundamentally, the never-Trumpers have a serious hypocrisy problem: they claim to loathe Trump, deeming him a threat to democracy and stability because of his supposed disdain for the rule of law. Yet, then they turn around and claim that when it comes to immigration policy, the rule of law is magically insignificant. In their delusion, they feel that only the laws that they like apply to them.

Trump and his administration should, in fact, be applauded for enforcing the rule of law and upholding current immigration legislation. There is absolutely no right for non-citizens to immigrate to the United States and stay there illegally, regardless of the extreme political correctness that has swept the Democratic party.

Additionally, Trump has made apprehending and deporting illegal immigrants who have committed crimes on US soil his top priority. At this point, Trump and his administration are not discussing deporting the estimated 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants currently residing on US soil. They are merely calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes.

When nations refuse to repatriate criminal offenders to their countries of origin, they should suffer the consequences. Trump is absolutely right to call for withholding visas for the citizens of nations who refuse to take responsibility for their citizens.

Furthermore, illegal immigrants place an unbelievable financial strain on the states and municipalities. While they use American education, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, they pay no taxes. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, it is difficult to make the case that the current system, which rewards people for illegally immigrating to the United States, is fair.

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