PanAm Podcast at Freedom Fest: Tatiana Moroz on Using Music to Advance the Cause of Liberty

Singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz is a leading libertarian activists and bitcoin advocate who has traveled the country using her music to promote, the campaigns of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, among others. A graduate of Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, Tatiana was inspired by the musicians of the previous generation who used art to protest the Vietnam War.

“I didn’t feel that my own generation really had any movement to get behind…at first I had sort of leaned towards Dennis Kucinich’s camp, but in 2011 I learned about the Federal Reserve, and I became involved in the Ron Paul movement, and I ended up singing all around the country. And then I ended up morphing into the bitcoin space. I felt that the political world wasn’t really going to offer a solution, I thought that we needed something else.”

Tatiana created her own crypto-currency tatianacoin, as a way for artists to manage their financial affairs and relationships.

“I created what I considered to be a solution for artists regarding fans and funding. That was what I as an independent artist in New York felt were the two biggest challenges…how do we fund our arts, and then how do we make sure that there are people there to see us…as I evolved from friendster to myspace to facebook I realized that I didn’t own those relationships and I was basically creating value for those platforms, with facebook being probably the worst of the offenders, now every time I want to reach my fans I’ve got to pay money in order to reach them. I felt that by creating my own artist crypto-currency that would be a way to connect directly with my fans.”

She notes that the music industry is often closed to alternative points of view.

“It’s sort of a cartel, and an ideological cartel at that. The funding only goes to artists that are towing the party line so to speak, and as somebody who has been inspired by the 60s and 70s revolutionary artists I find it very disturbing that now even though we’ve been at war for 20 years, you don’t hear a single song about ending the war on the radio.”

Tatiana has traveled the country, advancing the cause of liberty; her travels have taken her to SXSW, NASDAQ, and various Libertarian Party conventions. Her third album, “Keep the Faith!” is available now at

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