Trump’s Social Media Foibles Impede His Legislative Agenda

Trump's social media shenanigans are impeding his ability to persuade members of Congress to vote for his domestic agenda (
Trump’s social media shenanigans are impeding his ability to persuade members of Congress to vote for his domestic agenda (Crooks and Liars).

Donald Trump delights in infuriating the Washington establishment and the mainstream media. This much is known. Many Americans take equal delight in watching him as he provokes and antagonizes and seeks to infuriate. Political correctness and the social justice warriors who defend it with their lives have gone too far in this country; there is no doubt about that. Red Americans finally feel like they have a champion; a politician who is not afraid to call it like he sees it and take on the pressing issues of the day without the strictures and niceties of a sanitized ultra-politically correct worldview.

However, Trump‘s antics have reached the point where they have become a major distraction to his presidency and impeded his ability to advance his legislative agenda. This is already apparent to Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner. It is somewhat shocking that it is not more obvious to Trump himself.

Last week Trump took the time out of his busy presidential schedule to personally attack a relatively insignificant MSNBC host named Mika Brezinski. While co-hosting the Morning Joe program with former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough is nothing to laugh at, she is hardly a major Washington power player. Trump, however, felt slighted by the coverage he has received on the Morning Joe program from people that he had previously considered to be his friends.

Trump Mika

Just as engaging in a sexual relationship in the Oval Office with a White House intern is rather less than presidential, Trump’s puzzling decision to take on Mika Brezinski’s allegedly botched facelift is rather beneath the dignity of the leader of the free world.

On the surface it would appear that Trump’s motivation for the impolitic attack is over little more than hurt feelings: Trump originally considered them to be friends who gave him reasonably favorably initial coverage. “Low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe” (as Trump affectionately calls them) have now had a change of heart, and revel in bashing the brash billionaire during their program on liberal flagship MSNBC, catering to a coastal blue-state audience where Trump is deemed to be ruining the world from his infernal lair at the White House.

Trump’s Twitter response was unnecessary and pointless. But it’s more than that. It was truly tragic in the sense that such childish behavior hampers his ability to advance his legislative agenda. Such incidents are thwarting his ability to put his campaign promises into action.

Trump would be well-advised to consider that one can be forceful and witty and vigorous in pursuit of one’s political objectives without stooping to the level of schoolboy antics. Trump can and should continue to hit back at his critics..and hit back hard: but on a political, not a personal, level.

His social media shenanigans were apparently prompted by Mika’s comments that “Nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself lying every day and destroying the country.” (Trump apparently had some “fake” Time magazines printed up and displayed at his businesses…this is apparently a major news story to the hate-Trump mainstream media resistance squads).

Mika’s comments were nasty, but hardly cause for a five alarm fire. A far better response from the Trump Twitterverse would have been something along the lines of: “Mika Brezinski would prefer to talk about a trivial magazine cover (that was obviously intended as a joke) rather than discuss the fact that ObamaCare (which I am trying to repeal) did not result in increased choice or competition, and has led to skyrocketing premiums, loss of choice over doctors, and insurers withdrawing from states and counties left and right!”

While conservatives and libertarians can take solace in Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch, on many other domestic matters including taxes, healthcare, entitlement reform, budgetary outlays, and fiscal discipline, Trump has disappointed the people who put him into office.

During the July 4 recess, America’s 538 members of Congress are fanning out around the country, going to their home districts and states, hosting town halls, and talking to constituents. Trump apparently does not realize that to the vast majority of those constituents, regardless of political ideology or party, he is going to be viewed less favorably for them.

Thus, representatives and senators in purple states and swing districts are going to be less inclined to support his domestic agenda. This is of crucial importance as Trump is counting up votes in the Senate to pass his American Health Care Act. While the AHCA is far from perfect, it does make important steps in returning to free market principles and removing the odious individual mandate by which the Obama administration obligated all Americans to purchase health care coverage, regardless of the price or quality.

On a side note…if the plans offered via the ObamaCare exchanges are so wonderful then make them optional. Let them compete in the free market. If they are truly as wonderful as Obama said they would be, then consumers will by them.

Government control of our lives and businesses and pocketbooks is on the rise. Our liberty is under assault in the wake of 8 years of Barack Obama and his big government socialism. Overturning the AHCA is the most important step that conservatives and libertarians can take to overturn the odious legacy of Obama and his Marxist worldview. If the government can obligate all Americans to purchase health insurance, then what is next? Why can’t they obligate all Americans to purchase food, or housing, or drinking water, or college education?

There is no end to where Obama and his acolytes Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will take the reach and extent of big government as they seek to concentrate ever more money and power in Washington.

Conservatives and libertarians should be fighting like hell to promote the merits of the AHCA, and work to come up with a better plan in 2018 that goes even further to overturn government control of healthcare in a despicable big government-big business collusion.

But they can’t do that when the Oval Office is occupied by a president who wastes time and denigrates the very office with pointless and childish tweets about a third-rate TV host’s plastic surgery.

Please Mr. President. Focus on your agenda, not Mika Brezinski. The Senate needs 50 votes to deliver a stunning defeat to Barack Obama and his big government socialist pals. You need to give Rand Paul (on the libertarian wing of the party) and Susan Collins and Dean Heller (on the moderate wing of the party) reasons to support your agenda. Not reasons for their constituents to complain about your social media postings.

Trump needs to put up a big sign in the Oval Office: “IS ____________ OF VITAL IMPORTANCE TO THE ECONOMIC AND/OR POLITICAL FUTURE OF AMERICA.”

If the answer is no…keep your phone in your pocket.

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