Political Correctness Kills: Boston Activist Judge Puts Politics ahead of Safety of Americans

Why was double murder suspect Teixeira allowed to remain in the United States despite two bank robbery convictions?
Why was double murder suspect Teixeira allowed to remain in the United States despite two bank robbery convictions? (NBC News)

On May 5, Bampumim Teixeira, a Guinea-Bissauan immigrant, entered a luxury apartment complex in a posh South Boston neighborhood, and viciously and sadistically murdered an engaged couple; the pair were well-known and respected doctors, Richard Field and Lina Bolanos. The crime generated headlines nationwide for its bloody brutality. Police are still investigating how Teixeira was able to enter the high-security building, and what, if any, was his relationship to the victims, but Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner is now reporting that Teixeira was angered over the results of a surgery performed on his relatives.

The greatest tragedy of all is that this crime was entirely preventable. Teixeira, hardly a model citizen, was fresh out of prison for committing two bank robberies at Boston-area branches. Yet, in an indication of ultra-liberal Massachusetts’ incredibly lax criminal justice system, Teixeira was sentenced to a mere year in prison, and served just nine months of that sentence. This was after liberal activist judge Lisa A. Grant altered his sentence from 365 days to 364 days in order to thwart an automatic deportation order which would have been triggered by the full year sentence.

In anticipation of the social justice warrior hysteria over where I’m heading with this article…no…Teixeira’s actions should not tarnish the reputation of millions of hardworking immigrants in the United States. Immigrants bring invaluable talents, skills, and investment to the country, and it would be fundamentally unfair to stigmatize them for the isolated actions of Mr. Teixeira.

However…what should be abundantly clear regardless of whether you are a Republican, Democrat, independent, liberal, conservative, moderate, anarchist, or socialist…is that the United States has the right to establish its own rules and regulations on immigration policy AND that it would behoove the nation to exercise selectivity in whom it accepts into the country. Furthermore, it hardly seems draconian to suggest that immigrants who commit crimes on American soil should not be welcome to stay.

The 95% of the world’s population that does not dwell in the United States should be considered for permanent residency status based on merit. Immigrants who fill positions where qualified Americans are in short supply. Immigrants who bring capital in order to open businesses and provide jobs to Americans. Immigrants who have family or spouses in the US. And yes, in certain circumstances immigrants who apply for refugee or asylum status.

What were the criteria used to bestow upon Bampumim Teixeira permanent residency in the United States? Why was he given a green card when millions of well-qualified applicants wait years or decades to receive their permanent residency?

Yet the real tragedy in this case is this: Bampumim Teixeira should have been deported to Guinea-Bissau the day he finished his prison sentence. Clearly a green card holder who masterminds two bank robberies before he’s 30 is not the kind of immigrant that we want in the United States.

But because it was not a “violent crime” he received a slap on the wrist. However, according to what Boston radio host Howie Carr has uncovered in court documents, Teixeira wrote a note telling the bank teller that he would shoot her if she did not turn over the money. It hardly seems like a non-violent crime.

In what kind of world can you move to a new country, rob two banks, threaten to shoot the bank employees, get less than a year in jail, and then be sent on your merry way back onto the streets of America?

Who was the judge who, first handed out the unbelievably lenient sentence? Why was Mr. Teixeira allowed to stay in Boston following his release?

The American Left and its liberal activist judge allies are doing a great disservice to all citizens and lawful residents of the United States. They are aiding and abetting criminals, putting political correctness and identity politics ahead of the safety and well-being of Americans.

Yes. The United States is a nation of immigrants. Unless you belong to the 1% American Indian population of the United States, you are a descendant of immigrants. This is not in doubt.

But it is hardly racist or nativist to suggest that immigrants like Bampumim Teixeira are not welcome in the United States of America.

Call me crazy, but a green card holder who robs two banks should be returned to his or her land of birth.

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