Time to Kill ObamaCare for More Choice, More Competition


Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at the Cato Institute has been a formidable opponent of ObamaCare; so formidable, in fact, that he has been described by the New Republic as ObamaCare’s “single most relentless antagonist.” Along with Case Western Reserve Law School professor Jonathan Adler, he has provided the legal foundation for the Supreme Court case King v. Burwell, which questioned the legality of subsidies administered under the auspices of a federally run health insurance exchanges. In 2015, the court by a 6-3 decision, upheld ObamaCare.

In this interview, Cannon discusses the inherent problems with ObamaCare, explains his role in encouraging states to refuse to set up their own exchanges, and discusses the failure of Vermont’s single payer healthcare scheme.

He voices concerns regarding the Republicans current Repeal/Replace plans, which many have feared will result in “ObamaCare lite,” and takes aim at the Democrats for the disingenuous manner in which they implemented such provisions as the “Millennial Mandate” which obligates health insurers to cover children under their parents’ policies until the age of 26.

Cannon also shares his thoughts on the now-infamous words of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber, who generated a firestorm of controversy by referencing a “lack of transparency” and lampooning the “stupidity of the American voter” in relation to ObamaCare passage.

Libertarians and conservatives are presented with a blueprint for addressing the problems with ObamaCare, single payer healthcare, and socialized medicine.

Ultimately, he concludes that ObamaCare, in fact, offers less choice and less competition to American consumers, while obligating many Americans to buy expensive healthcare plans that they neither want nor need. Cannon suggests that a Balanced Budget Amendment is the key to taking money and power out of the hands of politicians, and returning it to the American citizens and taxpayers.

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