The Hypocrisy of Socialist Justice Warriors’ Trump Criticism

Today's social justice warriors have taken to the streets to voice their displeasure with Trump's election (
Today’s social justice warriors have taken to the streets to voice their displeasure with Trump’s election (Worldwide Chat).

If you peruse the world of the so-called “millenial” generation today, be it social media, college campuses, popular culture, you will quickly discover a new phenomenon that has taken the 18 to 35 year old demographic by storm. I refer to the “social justice warrior”…or perhaps we should just call them “socialist justice warriors” as their economic outlook is largely defined by global Communism.

They are the greatest result of the 2016 election. You’ve seen them on MTV, in YouTube clips, on your Facebook feed, and in your communities. Typically graduates of a $60,000 a year liberal arts college paid for by rich white Mommy and Daddy, where they got a 2.9 GPA while majoring in “Transgender Marxist Dance Theory” or “Contemporary Systems of Capitalist Oppression”…their life’s mission is to check your privilege.

They also are big on compassion and kindness…not with their own money, mind you (because few of them work…who could find the time with their busy protest schedule), but with OTHER peoples’ money. They are happy to spout off the latest Bernie Sanders soundbite about how the real reason America sucks is because the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.

They, on the other hand, are collecting welfare and food stamps and living in Section 8 housing, while spending their free time finger painting and attending boycotts, protests, and rallies, and blaming people who actually work for a living, for all of their (and America’s) problems.

These are the people who were apoplectic at the prospect of a Trump presidency. The people who the night of November 8 were ready to stick a loaded shotgun in their mouth and pull the trigger. The people who filled the Javits Center in Brooklyn on election night, with tears in their eyes, despondent that Americans would dare to put Trump the hatemonger into the White House, reversing Obama‘s legacy, while depriving the US of its first female president in the process, and finally breaking that glass ceiling.

It is fashionable today, particularly on social media, for millennial socialist justice warriors to ascribe a litany of perceived grievances and offenses to the Trump campaign…ie.

“Trump is a racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, transgenderphobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semite.”

Put that on your Facebook wall, and see how long it takes for your social media comrades to give you 100 likes.

The problem is that there is little hard evidence indicating that Trump is any of these things. Trump did not say anything negative about the Asian community, or the black community, or the Jewish community, or transgender people, or gay people. I do agree that he made some ill-advised remarks about Muslims and Latinos.

But the fundamental problem with the politically correct culture that has swept the 18-35 year old demographic in America today, is that they have a bigger problem with Donald Trump’s alleged “hate speech”, than they do with the underlying political issues that have brought the alleged “hate speech” into the discourse of Trump’s campaign.


With regard to Trump’s remarks alleging that “rapists” were crossing the Mexican border, agreed, an entirely stupid comment. He should have been far more diplomatic. But it is no less true that illegal immigrants have committed hundreds of thousands of crimes on American soil in the past decade. In fact, a recent report revealed that just in Texas alone, illegal immigrants between 2008 and 2014 were responsible for an astounding 611,000 crimes.

That is a serious problem. And it is outrageous that the social justice warriors are not out in the streets demanding that these people be deported from the United States. Instead, their hero Obama has strongly supported so-called “sanctuary cities” where people who entered this country illegally are REWARDED for doing so, and police (who are sworn to uphold the laws of this country) are actually PROHIBITED from turning illegal immigrants over to federal authorities.

It sure doesn’t seem fair to the millions of people who entered the country legally, waiting years or decades to do so.

Obama has for years operated a “catch-and-release” program along our border where an estimated 80% of illegal immigrants who are caught are given court dates (that they will never show up for) and then told to be on their merry way. Obama has consistently refused to enforce our immigration law, and then used unconstitutional “executive actions” to flout the laws that he disagrees with. Yet, despite all of this…the social justice warriors actually believe that Trump’s remarks regarding illegal immigrants were worse than the problems caused by illegal immigrants themselves.

I would suggest they talk to Kate Steinle’s family. Where is the empathy for the families of victims of the crimes committed by illegal immigrants?

Trump has also come under fire for calling for a ban on Muslim immigration. Here I must agree, in a certain sense, with the social justice warriors…a blanket ban on Muslim immigration is both a bad idea and unconstitutional. I’ve said so publicly many times.

On the other hand, as people like Rand Paul have said, there is nothing unconstitutional about protecting the American public by temporarily banning immigration from dangerous war zones with significant presence of armed jihadist groups (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen would top this list). The dangers posed by jihad and radical Islamists to the United States, its citizens, and its interests, are real.

We have seen the results of unchecked Muslim immigration: from hundreds of Somali immigrants in Minneapolis returning to fight for al-Shabbab, spreading al-Shabbab propaganda, and starting financing networks, to the Tsarnaev family who exploited our outrageous “refugee” program while funding their terror attacks with Massachusetts welfare payments, to the San Bernardino shooters whose neighbors reported seeing much suspicious activity, but didn’t want to report it for fear of being labeled Islamophobic.

Then of course, we had the case of Omar Mateen, the gay, Muslim, Hillary Clinton supporter who killed 49 people at a gay Latino night club in Orlando. Police have just arrested his wife for helping him plan the attack.  It turns out that they used a delightful family outing to Disney World, to case the premises in order to plan a terrorist attack. Their actions were so obvious that concerned Disney employees called the police, who apparently did nothing, most likely out of fear of being labeled Islamophobic.

To today’s millennial socialist justice warriors, however, the real threat to America is not jihad or radical Islam. Those are barely concerns. The real threat is Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall during the course of the campaign, any Donald Trump supporters heading to a mosque to shoot 49 people. Perhaps if that had happened, I would agree that the offenses of Donald Trump and radical jihadists were equally grievous.

This is also the generation that views use of the death penalty for violent sadistic murderers, the death of “Cecil the Lion” in Zimbabwe, and our use of Guantanamo Bay to hold and interrogate terrorists as the greatest moral travesties, but has nothing to say about the one million innocent lives that are lost to abortion each year. The abortion debate that is often hotly contested within the libertarian community. I’m not necessarily saying that abortion should be illegal, but I do think it raises significant moral questions.

This is also the generation that believes Bernie Sanders when he says that the reason that the poor are poor is because the rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. Right…if we just stole a bunch of money from the wealthy and gave it to the poor, everything would be fixed, right? Well, unfortunately it’s just not true, which Bernie could discover by doing a little basic research. In 2014, for example, the top 1% of earners paid 45.7% of all taxes. Contrast that with the bottom 60% who paid 2% of all taxes. Sure doesn’t seem to bolster Bernie’s claims that all of our nation’s ills are due to unjust tax policies.

In what may be a bit of a shock to the snowflakes, Bernie has recently said that it would be unfair to ascribe Trump’s victory to racism. I agree there. Are there some racists who voted for Trump? Probably. But issues of race were not pivotal in this campaign. At the end of the day millennials don’t seem to understand that the vast majority of Americans are voting on one main issue: the economy and jobs.

Millennial social justice warriors are also blissfully and gleefully ignorant of the economic consequences of their policy proposals, or how to pay for them: ($15 an hour minimum wage, making college and healthcare “free” for everyone, regulating Wall Street, making the rich pay their “fair” share)…

With all due respect, I think people in the so-called “social justice” movement need to reexamine their priorities. No…Donald Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigration is not worse than the illegal acts committed by illegal immigrants themselves. No…Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Muslim immigration is not more troubling than the threat posed by jihad to this country….No the death penalty and hunting a lion in Zimbabwe are not more serious moral dilemmas than abortion…And no…a secretive, greedy cabal of billionaires is not responsible for the economic status of working class Americans.

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