OSU ISIS Terror Attack Reveals Rampant PC Culture in Higher Education

By: David Unsworth - @LatinAmerUpdate - Dec 1, 2016, 6:57 pm
An OSU administrator is in hot water after a social media post which attempted to excuse a terror attack (PJ Media).

Meet Stephanie Clemons Thompson, Assistant Director of Residence Life at the Ohio State University, and a leech on society. With her highly demanding job, and accompanying six figure salary (paid for by the taxpayers of Ohio), she still had time to call out the entire OSU community, railing against them for “celebrating” the death of ISIS foot soldier (and OSU student) Abdul Razak Ali Artan, and referring to him as a “BUCKEYE and member of the community.” She further warned that she would “defriend anyone” who “celebrated” Abdul’s death or shared “a photo of his dead body.”


If “community member” Abdul had had access to an AK-47 would he have killed 50 people? If he had had access to 50 pounds of C4 plastic explosives would he have killed 500 people? Or perhaps a dirty bomb that would have killed 5,000 people?

Only in Politically Correct Fantasy Land can you drive your car into a crowd of students at a university, stab nine of them with a butcher knife, and then receive sympathy for your actions from high-ranking university staff. I guarantee you that in the freshman orientation that Ms. Clemons Thompson undoubtedly leads, she will tell impressionable young 18 year olds that the real terrorists in this country are not jihadists, but the people that voted for Donald Trump.

And the most shocking thing of all, is that this woman is probably going to still have a job after all is said and done, because the university (even though they would probably like to fire her) will be too afraid of the legal retribution it could suffer.

Ohio governor and former GOP presidential candidate John Kasich was not immune to the PC wave that seems to sweep the United States in the wake of every terrorist attack, solemnly noting that “We may never know why he did it.”

We may never know why he did it? When he railed against US foreign policy in social media posts? When he blamed the US for targeting Muslims? When he complained of the lack of on-campus prayer rooms? When ISIS has already declared him to be their “soldier” and jihadist networks worldwide have celebrated the ghastly attack as vengeance against the United States?

The OSU incident hearkens back to another terrorist attack that was whitewashed by the Obama administration and their politically correct allies. In 2009 Major Nidal Hasan, a Palestinian-American and army psychologist, opened fire on his colleagues at Fort Hood in Texas, killing 13 and wounding 30. As he opened fire he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” The Obama administration subsequently referred to the attack as workplace violence.

There has been no president in American history more devoted to the culture of political correctness than Barack Obama. He refuses to even use the terms “Islamic terrorism” or “jihadism”, and spends his time convincing the American public that Islam really poses absolutely no threat to them in any way shape or form.

The western world is not at war with Islam. We are at war with Islamists. That is a very crucial distinction that we must make in any discussion of American foreign policy.

In the future our government should break with the disastrous foreign policy of the last 16 years with its reckless foreign military adventurism and nation building, and instead focus on aggressively and ruthlessly targeting the radical jihadi, Salafist, and Wahabbi terrorist organizations that pose a clear and present danger to our nation, our people, our interests, and our allies abroad.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson is an outlier in the world of today’s higher education. Few university administrators would take to social media to try to justify a terrorist attack. Yet, the culture of political correctness has become so pervasive on today’s American college campuses, that someone such as Ms. Clemons Thompson, a product of that system with several graduate degrees, honestly suggests that Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s feelings, (not the fact that nine OSU students were stabbed in an act of terror), are the most important thing.

And that is the real outrage.

It’s also interesting to note that in the “distinguished” prior career of Ms. Clemons Thompson, she served as “Diversity Officer” for Ohio State University. Now, if you’re interested in starting a libertarian or conservative student group on campus, I’m sure that Ms. Clemons Thompson would be of no help to you at all.

But a Salafist jihadist Somali refugee on campus? That is fantastic! It encourages the OSU community to celebrate a diversity of viewpoints! And after all, it was the fault of the OSU community for not being open-minded enough to have designated “Muslim prayer areas” in every building. The attack was really the fault of the entire OSU community for not being “welcoming enough!”

It’s almost as if Clemons Thompson is suggesting that OSU deserved to be attacked!

David Unsworth David Unsworth

David Unsworth is a Boston native. He received degrees in History and Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis, and subsequently spent five years working in real estate development in New York City. Currently he resides in Bogota, Colombia, where he is involved in the tourism industry. In his free time he enjoys singing in rock bands, travelling throughout Latin America, and studying Portuguese.

Bolivia Revokes LAMIA License as Chapecoense Considers Legal Action

By: Sabrina Martín - @SabrinaMartinR - Dec 1, 2016, 5:48 pm
Lamia is in trouble following

Español The General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Bolivia suspended the operating license of the airline LAMIA, after the horrific crash on Monday, November 28 on the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia, which killed 71 people and seriously injured six others. The accident killed most players, coaches, and managers of the Brazilian soccer club Chapecoence, as well as 21 journalists who were going to cover the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final in which the team was facing Atletico Nacional of Medellín. Read More: Chapecoense Plane Crash: LAMIA Itinerary Strengthens Fuel Exhaustion Hypothesis Read More: Chavismo and Corruption?: The Dark Past of LAMIA Airlines  In a press release issued on December 1st, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Bolivia (DGAC) announced the "immediate" suspension of the Operator's Certificate of Operation and Operation Permit granted to LAMIA Corporación SRL. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); }); For its part, the Ministry of Public Works of Bolivia decided to change the directors of DGAC and the Administration of Airports so as "not to pollute the investigation." According to the Minister Milton Claros, it is too early to determine who and what was responsible for causing the plane crash. The latest decisions of the Bolivian authorities have emerged, as details regarding the nature of the accident have begun to be uncovered. It was confirmed that the plane ran out of fuel at the time of the accident and Bolivian Airports Administration (Aasana) detected irregularities in the flight plan. They allegedly warned the crew about them, but the crew did not heed the recommendations. The news site Infobae highlighted that the aircraft's maximum range was very close to the total length of the flight, which afforded little to no chance to account for unexpected manoeuvres or emergencies. The Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional said that the Chapecoense authorities are considering legal action against the airline LAMIA after the repatriation of the 19 players, managers and coaches who died in the tragedy, and the subsequent wake at the Arena Chapecó. "Today we are focusing on the humanitarian issue, the families and the victims. Further down the road we are going to have to stop and think about the restructuring of the team, as well as possible legal action" Chapecoense legal vice president Luiz Antonio Palaoro told a news conference. "We still have nothing. The Bolivian authorities along with the Brazilian ones are carrying out the investigations. That [legal action] will depend on the official investigation. For now we only have assumptions," added Palaoro. LAMIA (Merida International Airline, Company) is a small airline of Venezuelan ownership originating in the state of Mérida, although it currently operates out of Bolivia. It has grown to become the most popular charter airline for sports teams in South America. Different international media have pointed out that the pilot of the dead plane, Miguel Quiroga, was also the owner of the airline. The company had three planes, two which were being repaired, and one that made the doomed flight. The Panam Post has recently reported about the airline's links with both Chavismo and the Venezuelan government, as well as China,  in a report published Tuesday. Source: Infobae, El Nacional.

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