Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Destroy the US Through Immigration and Welfare

9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed advocated destroying the US from within by abusing its liberal welfare and immigration laws (Wikimedia).

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Destroy the US Through Immigration and Welfare

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed may be the most successful terrorist mastermind in history. The Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist and al-Qaeda member was the brains behind the 9/11 attacks which killed 2,996 people and injured thousands more. In a groundbreaking new book called Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell provides insightful analysis into his relationship with Mohammed, and the ideology that he espoused.

Perhaps the most interesting point gleaned from the book is Mohammed’s ultimate plan to destroy the US from within. In his mind, terrorist attacks, bombings, and mass shootings were not the practical path to instituting sharia law in the United States. Rather, he envisioned taking down the US from within through use of the nation’s liberal immigration and welfare policies.

He envisioned a future where jihadis could enter the United States, live like leeches off of government benefits, breed like rabbits, bring their like minded relatives from abroad, not work, and be paid by the US government to wage jihad and aim to institute sharia law.

We are not at war today with Muslims. We are at war with a faction of Muslims who seek to impose a radical form of politicized Islam on the entire world.

I have never been more happy that Donald Trump is about to take over the presidency to put a stop to the outrage. Taking in “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Somalia, poses a clear and present danger to the safety of Americans, and it is virtually impossible to adequately screen them. But the American Left is in La La Land when it comes to the dangers posed by radical jihadism, Salafism, and Wahhabism. To the American Left, saying anything about the potential perils of accepting refugees from incredibly dangerous conflict zones is Islamophobia, not common sense.

But we have Donald Trump in the White House now. No longer will we have a “PC Principal” president who is afraid to even use the term “Islamic terrorism”. No longer will we be slaves to political correctness. No longer will we tolerate a laissez-faire attitude towards those who would do us incredible harm. And no longer will we fund on the backs of hardworking taxpayers, the very individuals who seek to institute sharia law in the United States.

As a recent study demonstrates, 91.4% of Middle Eastern refugees are currently on food stamps, 73.1% are on Medicaid, and an outrageous 68.3% are on cash welfare. In an era when so many Americans are struggling financially, when we have high levels of poverty in our inner cities, when our education system is falling behind based on international metrics, and when our infrastructure is tired and dated, why is it a priority to bring in refugees from the Middle East, the vast majority of whom do not share our values?

Muslims in the United States have every right to be here, provided they follow the law, believe in our values and our Constitution, and behave as good citizens. The United States has offered a haven for religious tolerance and diversity for well over two centuries. When Donald Trump proposed a blanket ban on Muslim immigration, that was both wrong and unconstitutional.

As Kentucky Senator Rand Paul pointed out, why make the matter just about religion? Why penalize Kazakhs, Azerbaijanis, Malays, Albanians, or Indonesians? The Muslim world is wide and diverse and it simply does not make sense to impose a blanket ban on a quarter of the world’s population. What does, however, make a lot of sense is temporarily imposing a ban on immigration from places where the threat of terrorism is significant: primarily Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

Places where radical ideology is rampant. Places where huge segments of the population despise the United States, Great Britain, France, Israel, and their allies. Places where the murder of homosexuals or transgenders is a laughing matter. Where honor killing is par for the course. Where female genital mutilation is considered normal. Where imposing sharia law and waging jihad are more important objectives than earning an honest living. Where it is acceptable, or even encouraged, to kill those who do not agree with fundamentalist radical Sunni Islam.

This is not a laughing matter. It is not paranoia. Neither is it a matter of Islamophobia. This is a matter of reality. The dangers are real, and the American Left is doing us no favors by trying to sugarcoat radical Islam in warm, fuzzy, tolerance and diversity.

As I repeatedly point out, the taxpayers of Massachusetts are just as responsible for “state-sponsored terrorism” as the governments of Syria and Iran. Perhaps even more so, because we actually have a democratic voice in the matter.

We should always remember that the Tsarnaev brothers were the ultimate incarnation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s dream: welfare cheats and deadbeats who lived like leeches off of hardworking Massachusetts taxpayers, never worked an honest day in their lives, and used their outrageously generous “welfare” benefits to build the pressure cooker bombs that murdered and maimed hundreds of Bostonians.

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