Anarchy and the Gift of Truth

If your eyes have opened, and you see the truth, then you know that liberty means no ruler.

You know that democracy is not the goal, since it is just a form of government. You understand that a constitutional government is still a government, and that a constitution does not really constrain.

You recognize that politics is not the answer, since involvement only encourages the false legitimacy of the state. You also realize that politics attracts the worst people, and that the state will not voluntarily relinquish its power.


When you speak with others, be kind and be bold. Tell them the truth. The state is a fraud, a criminal enterprise. It is a creature of coercion, not consent, and it lives on plunder.

Eschew the tendency to advocate for limited government, as a means of more gently bringing people toward the ideals of freedom. Even limited government is illegitimate, and it does not remain limited. To recommend limited government is to encourage the idea that a criminal organization should provide security, justice, and defense. Trust people to face the truth.

Make the moral case, not just the economic one, in addressing the evils of policies. Opposing policies on the basis of economics alone invites endless debate. We extinguish one fire, and opponents of freedom light a thousand more. Honor the ability of people to respond to the moral case.


Reject the claim that your view is radical. What is radical is acceding to rulers.

Ignore the critics who call you impractical. Speaking the truth is its own virtue, and ideas change the world.

Call for fundamental change, and you will inspire people with hearts for freedom. The state is immoral, and we have a moral obligation to condemn it. As more people understand the state’s immorality, support for the state will wane.


Be kind and be bold. Share the truth about the state with others. When they accept the truth, they will shed their illusions. They will live with the dignity of knowing the truth, and they may join you in sharing the truth.

Give the gift of truth.

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