The US Police State Unnecessarily Claims Yet Another Life

EspañolIn many US cities, a wrong move or hasty reflex, interpreted as “aggressive” by police, can get you killed. Literally. It seems as if local police have carte blanche to tase and shoot, brute measures they employ much too frequently instead of going through the painstakingly inconvenient process of “protecting and serving,” deescalating situations, and negotiating peaceful surrenders.

Case after case of police abuse suggests an apparent “shoot first, ask questions later” mindset.

The most recent law-enforcement murder happened in Salinas, California. Two police officers surrounded a male suspect and killed him as he tried to walk away.

In an attempt to cover up the shooting, the local sheriff said the man had attacked the officers with gardening tools. However, the following video recorded by a Salinas resident contradicts the sheriff’s story and reveals an absolutely cowardly and unnecessary display of lethal force.

A badge does not grant someone extra rights, nor should it allow them to ignore someone else’s. Given the terror created by the very same people in charge of peacekeeping and justice, we shouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more cases of people taking law into their own hands.

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