Trump Is President — We Must Accept that The World Is Changing

It’s true that a lot of the ideas Trump has are worrisome. (Adribosch)

EspañolThe left in the United States has suffered a major blow: Donald Trump, against all predictions and polling as well as traditional politics, has won The White House and could change the world, if not already showing that the world as we know it is changed.

An electorate tired of politically correct language, the growth of the state and of policies that lead to socialism has chosen to break the system and say No to the traditional politicians in the United States. And that is the same No that Colombians went with on October 2 when they voted down the FARC peace deal.

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The Left, in all its forms, is moving in reverse. It has lost the bureaucrats of the European Union with Brexit, with the defeat of Cristina Kirchner in Argentina and the elections in Guatemala, Peru and Chile, with the scandals of Brazil’s former president Rousseff and the collapse of social democracy of several countries in Europe.

The United Nations, the Nobel Prize winners like Obama and Santos — they’ve all been found out. The road does not lead to socialism, whether it come in the form of Cuba of Venezuela or lighter, in the form of Obama and Bachelet.


It’s true that a lot of the ideas Trump has are worrisome and only with time will we be able to say how protectionist his policies will go before they become dangerous.

But the hegemony of traditional politics has been broken and a new wind blows throughout the world. Now it’s time that those who fought for liberty clarify and reveal out ideas without fear or trepidation, and recover the freedoms lost before.

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