Witch Hunts for “Racists” and “Sexists” in the US Is Getting Out of Control

Every day, methods for enforcing misinformation in the United States more closely resembles the Ingsoc (English Socialism) methods from that prophetic science fiction masterpiece by George Orwell, 1984. (Archive)

The primary issue stifling diversity of thought and opinion in the United States is the simplification and “dumbing-down” of people’s ideas. Across the nation, we are seeing the sensationalistic false propagandizing of the American political right-wing as racist and violent. If you watch CNN or NBC, you’ve seen that these are exclusively problems of the right-wing, or of “trump supporters” — despite the documented violence of Antifa, the racism of Black Lives Matter and the terrorism of both. Members of the alt-right, in addition to being racist scumbags, are strategic fools, playing into the hands of globalists such as George Soros. The stigma against racism and sexism is so strong that they have become weaponized.

Anyone thought to be racist or sexist is immediately cast out of society. Of course it is correct to reject racism and sexism on principle; however, we should do a little digging into terms used as a justification for public crucifixion. We must not fear so much that we turn a blind eye to false accusations.

Every day, methods for enforcing misinformation in the United States more closely resembles the Ingsoc (English Socialism) methods from that prophetic science fiction masterpiece by George Orwell, 1984. Neither racism or sexism should be accepted or encouraged, as they are both profoundly mistaken and dangerous suppositions. We do not, however, need Orwellian thought police casting judgement about who among us is guilty, or allow them the authority to castigate us by forever destroying our livelihoods.

James Damore lost his job when he wrote his “Google memo,” and it made him infamous for alleged sexism. This is something that dramatically affects his prospects for finding subsequent work, making him too much of a public image risk for competing employers, as well as unjustly damaging his personal reputation.

The “google memo” trend that his memo created in the mainstream media lends the document more importance and attention that its contents should warrant. The piece itself does not state in any way that women should be excluded from the tech industry, or that they are unable to perform well in those capacities. Rather, it states the opposite, and affirms his commitment to gender equality on numerous occasions:”I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity,” he writes at one point, “and I think we should strive for more.”

Make no mistake, Damore’s transgression was not sexism on his part, far from it. Damore’s crime in the eyes of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the politically correct thought-control machine was not sexism as such, but rather the audacity to suggest that the disparity in the numbers of men and women working int tech could be due to something other than sexism.

The stubborn and unreasonable insistence that this sort of distribution is due to deliberate sexism begs the question of why there is not similar outrage over other professions in which men are also overwhelmingly over-represented. Despite insesant claims that the issue has to do with “equality”, the facts in the matter of men being also over represented in terms of job-related injuries and deaths never comes up in these conversations.

If we recognize the severity of the situation and understand that the leftist elites such as Google are not interested in discovering the truth, but rather in using the fear of sexism as means to control what people can and cannot say, then this sort of case becomes less baffling. It is not one involving a bigot receiving punishment for expressing hatred. It is a case of scientific and impartial exploration of established social justice “dogma” being eradicated with all the fervor and madness of religious fundamentalism.

The fact that Dr. Jordan Peterson, a university professor well versed in the dangers of enforced language and totalitarian thought control, is being systematically removed from both Google and Youtube demonstrates that neither institution is impartial, and that the very exploration of ideas that are “heretical” to the opinions that they will allow the population to have is terrifying to a degree that cannot be over stated.

Doing research into issues for which a great deal of data already exists is not tantamount to bigotry, and the mere observation of undisputed fact cannot be allowed to become grounds for silencing dissenting opinions. The recent cases of James Damore and Jordan Peterson perfectly exemplify this tendency.

While these cases involve famous people and companies, and for this reason are easy for anyone to read up on and follow, we must not forget that every day average Joes suffer the same sort of persecution with no platform to defend themselves, and little support, if any. Nobody wants to stand up for a witch or a heretic, and the new church of Social Justice paints alleged “sexists” and “racists” with a very broad, and untrue brush.

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