Video of Cuban Rafters Reaching US Soil Goes Viral


EspañolThe Emotions and feelings seen in this video are almost beyond description.

Cuban men, women and children in a boat bearing the slogan “God is with us” arriving to shore with smiles, surprise and excitement.

The most touching moment of the video is when the group gets off the raft and begin to walk up the beach. Some fell to their knees in the sand, others kiss and hug each other, others cry over a long journey that began who knows how long ago.

Cubans still want to get off the island. The search for a land of freedom does not stop even if the obstacle is a concrete wall, or a sea full of sharks. Many of refugees — Cuban or otherwise — would rather die than continue to survive in the oppressive misery of a totalitarian government. Literally millions of Cubans have sought escape routes to leave the island rather than continue under persecution and state prohibitions.

Central planning, violation of civil liberties, free markets and private property prohibition, enslavement, persecution and political monopoly: these are some of the principles governing Cubans’ daily lives — the same that once ruled both East Germany, the Soviet Union and many other laboratories of a failed communist experiment.

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From 1902 until Castro seized power, the island used to receive thousands of workers from around the world. But since the start of the revolution, that process has been reversed. No sane person has Cuba in mind as their final destination, whether that be for business, retirement or otherwise.

Cuba’s protectionist systems do not generate any kind of “protection” to industry or to the national economy. This socialist system provides “protection” for civil liberties, but instead produces a long list of political prisoners while monopolistic political parties engage in violence and constraint.

We have seen Obama’s visit to the island and the “reforms” taken by the Castro regime. But can we talk about changes in Cuba when political prisoners still exist? Can we talk about changes if Cubans are not free to choose for themselves?

Neither socialism nor public spending, monetary emissions, the elimination of newspapers nor the detention of political prisoners are the solution to a poverty that statist leaders intend to remedy.

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