Venezuela Shuts Down with National Sit-In Protest: Live Blog


In the wake of three dead in yesterday's march, Venezuelans took to the streets for a second day to demand a return to democracy and Constitutional order (

On Monday, April 24th, the Venezuelan opposition launched a new protesting strategy: a National Sit-In. The objective is to achieve a “higher level of pressure” by blocking the main avenues and highways of the country and staying in place for almost twelve hours.

“It is a protest for resistance, not an excuse to party, so zero beer, dancing, or anything of the sort,” explained congress member¬†Freddy Guevara.

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The National Sit-In is a new way of peaceful protest for Venezuelans. Never in the history of the country has a protest this large ever been organized.

There will be a total of 24 Sit-ins, one in each state. The plan is for Venezuelans to congregate in different points of main roads starting at 10 am.

“The path of¬†no return requires commitment, preparation, and organization. We will show a new capacity of resistance,” concluded Guevara.


Minute by Minute

7:33pm: BREAKING: Opposition party MUD announces the street protests on Wednesday , April 26 will march towards the Supreme Court, National Electoral Council, and Ombudsman’s offices in every state of the country.

7:14pm: Here’s an impressive aerial look of the crowds¬†that took part in the National Sit-In in Caracas Monday, April 24.

6:35pm: The National Sit-In protest is officially at an end but protesters remain on the streets and put up barricades.

6:30pm: National Assembly member Miguel Pizarro sets out the protest plan for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow, at the National Assembly, opposition members will  fight for their legislative rights, and inform the international community that Venezuela is still under an oppressive dictatorship. Pizarro also called for Venezuelans to take to the streets once again on Wednesday for a march to the center of Caracas.

6:30pm: San Diego, Carabobo protesters see an increasing amount of tear gas bombs.

6:20pm: Los Andes University Human Rights Watch makes correction: Daniel infante is still alive.

6:10pm: In the Andean state of Barinas, three protester killings were attributed to government paramilitary groups.

6:00pm: Repression begins in the city of Valencia, 100 miles west of capital city Caracas, with reports of tear gas bombs in the San Diego municipality.

5:54pm: Urgent: the death of Daniel Infante, the young man who received a gun shot to the head, is confirmed. He was a student at Los Andes University.

5:50pm: Public defender Tarek William Saab confirms another death from gun wound.

5:35pm: Protesters are now reportedly burning vehicles in the Francisco Fajardo highway in Caracas.

5:30pm: Journalist denounces presence of armed paramilitary groups who where transported in red buses to the San Blas highway section in Valencia.

5:26pm: Government opposition leaders inform that the National Sit-In protest has been ongoing for eight hours.

5:23pm: An update from the National Sit-In protesters in Tachira.

5:09pm: Government blocks access to presidential palace, Miraflores, with barricades and sand bags.

5:04pm: Reports of a wounded man shot in the head by government armed paramilitary members in Merida.


5:00pm: National Guard trucks and motorcycles continue to block the Francisco Fajardo highway in Caracas.

4:54pm: “The Venezuelan opposition’s attitude is Fascist,” said Socialist Party national assembly member, and former Vice President of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello. “They don’t care about anything, they don’t believe in elections.”

4:50pm:¬†Woman denounces the ilegal detention of an opposition protester in La California, Caracas. “He suffers from high blood pressure and heart problems,” Says Maria Sanchez. “I need to ask whoever detained him to please let me know his whereabouts¬†so he can get his medications.”

4:45pm: “These are our weapons–music and our flag”” sing¬†sit-in protesters in Tachira, a state that shares borders with Colombia. “We will remain on the streets.”

4:36pm: In the northern state of Carabobo, protesters say no to “a Cuban-like dictatorship” in the town of Guacara.


4:27pm: The historic mountain village Colonia Tovar joins the National Sit-In.


4:22pm: The Sit-In continues in the western state of Maracaibo despite the rain.

4:17pm: President of the Citizen Control for Security, Defense, and National Army, Rocio San Miguel, informs that the National Guard closed part of the Francisco Fajardo highway in Caracas, and is preparing to oppress the protestes with military equipment obtained in china.


4:13pm: National Assembly member Angel Alvarez calls opposition supporters to continue to join the National Sit-In.


4:09pm: National guards use tear gas bombs against protesters in the northwestern city of Acarigua.


4:03pm: The National Guard blocks the freeway in Valencia.


4:00pm: National Sit-In protesters demand the release of all political prisoners.


03:55pm: National Assembly vice-president Freddy Guevara shares encouraging words and reiterates the Sit-In objectives.

“There won’t be a return to normal life while the dictatorship stands,” Guevara said, and added, “those who persist in ignoring the people will not be able to govern in Venezuela.”


03:45 pm: National Guards oppress protests in front of CCCT mall in Caracas.

03:42 pm: Liberty is the main request Venezuelans are protesting for against Nicolás Maduro

03:38 pm: The GNB (Bolivarian National Guard) head towards Chacao, Caracas, with antiriot equipment

03:32 pm: More images from the protests in Caracas this April 24th

03:28 pm: In Caracas, protests in El Marqués and La California on their way to Altamira

03:25 pm: The Sit-In in Caracas went on with civility and determination

03:22 pm:¬†Congressman Luis Florido informs people that “the main 23 arteries of the country have been blocked by the people”

03:18 pm: The Sit-In in Valencia

03:15 pm: The use of tear gas bombs has been reported in the Francisco Fajardo Avenue in Caracas

03:12 pm: Nuns from Carabobo join the Sit-In

02:56 pm: Opposition shuts down Bolivar North Ave, Carabobo

02:54 pm: Tucacas joins the National Sit-In

02:50 pm: Opposition Sit-In in SOS formation

02:46 pm: Nuns join the Sit-IN against dictatorship

02:40 pm: Opposition in Guacara call OAS attention to conditions in Venezuela

02:36 pm: Doctors from the opposition come together in Barquisimeto to shut down Vargas avenue in Venezuela

02:32 pm:  San Joaquín joins the protests

02:27 pm: Venezuelans take to the streets with creative messages and signs against the government

02:25 pm:¬†Venezuelans get “comfortable” in the streets to protest against the government

02:19 pm: Venezuelan children join those in the fight against the dictatorship

02:16 pm: In an interview with PanAm Post, Venezuelan women highlight the reason behind their participation in the peaceful protest

02:12 pm: Venezuelans protest peacefully and creatively during the National Sit-In

02:09 pm: Phone and internet companies begin to see faults

02:01 pm: The National Sit-In in Yaracuy

01:57 pm: Members of Congress from the opposition party coalition speak during the National Sit-In

01:55 pm: San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda

01:51 pm: The Isabelica, Valencia, also joins the National Sit-In

01:49 pm: National Guards try to dispel protest in Vargas

01:44 pm:¬†Congressman Amengual “We will continue on in peaceful and non-violent protests”

01:44 pm: People keep arriving to protest in Caracas in the National Sit-In

01:37 pm: Opposition continues Sit-In at the Eastern highway by Tazajal, Valencia

01:33 pm: Opposition comes together in the Ollarvides avenue, Punto Fijo


01:26 pm: Guacara joins the opposition protest

Congress Member¬†Williams Gil: “#NationalSitIn #Now in #Guacara¬†joining today’s activity in protest for the demands of the Venezuelan people to the government”

01.24 pm: Opposition in Maracay plays soccer in full “sit-in”

Anonymous Venezuela: “In #Maracay protestors celebrate and protest in the #SitIn #April24”

01:23 pm: More images from the repression in San Diego, Carabobo

Luis Alberto: “#April24 The GNB (National Guard) has begun repressing protesters in the ¬†neighborhood of Tulip√°n in San Diego, Carabobo, who were part of the #SitIn”


01:20 pm: Senior woman protests the dictatorship

VenezuelaInforma247: “Like this or clearer? #VenezuelaSitsInAgainstDictadorship”

01:15 pm: In Guatire, the opposition is also sitting in against the dictatorship.

Benily Ramos: #Guatire #NationalSitIn #Resistance”

01:13 pm: Opposition in Valencia maintain Southern and Eastern highways shut down

El Colinero: “Via @AgenciaCN #April24 People in Carabobo shut down Southern and Eastern highways because of #NationalSitIn¬†

01:10 pm: In Táchira, people join sporting activities on the streets during the National Sit-in

Mariana Duque: “#T√°chira On the intersection of Av. Rotaria with 19 de abril of San Cristobal, people play soccer during the #NationalSitIn”

1:06 pm: This is what Altamira, Caracas looks like

Informacio√≥n D Verdad: “This is what the #NationalSitIn in Altamira looks like at 12.40pm. #VzlaSitInAgainstDictatorship #NationalSitIn24A”

01:04 pm: PanAm Post reporters inform that repression by National Guard has begun in the neighborhood of Los Tulipanes, San Diego (Carabobo)

01:01 pm:¬†Congressman Armando Amengual joins the protest against dictatorship: “We went out into the streets to demonstrate that we are a peaceful, democratic people wish to uphold our constitution”

12:59 pm: In the middle of the Sit-In in Valencia, youths decided to play volleyball, a peaceful and civil activity

12:56 pm: Protesters lie in the middle of the highway in Valera, Trujillo

Reporte Ya: “#April24 12.15pm Protesters in in San Luis #Valera laid down in the highway. #NationSitIn”

12:53 pm: Protesters in Vargas continue to arrive to the National Sit-In

InfoMERIDA.VE: “Vargas #April24 #NationalSitIn”


12:50pm: Opposition in Guaparo Circle, Valencia, prepare to head out towards the highway

Pastor Rodriguez: “VALENCIA….PRESENT!!! Guaparo Circle, PROTEST…ready to head out towards the highway. #April24 #TeamVene10”

12:47 pm: Poorer areas of Caracas join the National Sit-In

Reporte Ya: “#April24 9.20 am In the area of Roca Tarpeya #Caracas #NationalSitIn”

12:43 pm: Protest in Maracaibo

12:40 pm: More repression from the National Guard in Barquisimeto



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