Clinton Foundation Hires Cyber Security Firm After Suspected Hacking

Clinton Foundation possibly hacked by the same people that hacked the DNC (Wikipedia)
Clinton Foundation possibly hacked by the same people that hacked the DNC (Wikipedia)

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s New York-based charity was reportedly suspected of being hacked, causing the couple and their business partners to employ the cyber-security firm, according to Reuters.

No message or document thought to be hacked has surfaced publicly.

Two U.S. security officials said the hackers seemed to have used a “spear phishing” technique to gain access to the foundation’s network. It’s the same technique used against the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democrats’ congressional fundraising committee.

Spear phishing consists of creating bogus emails and websites in an effort to gain access to an organization’s network.

Because these were the same techniques used in the DNC hackings, officials believe the same group of people are responsible. Many have pointed to Russian intelligence, as they use similar techniques.

The Kremlin has dismissed the allegations originally made last month regarding its involvement in the DNC hacks.

The Clinton foundation has not responded to requests for comment on the hackings. Additionally, FireEye has been instructed not to discuss its clients.

Foundation and campaign officials said they are worried the hackers may have had access or obtained emails and voicemails that could be used to highlight donations made to and by the Clinton Foundation.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee held a closed-door meeting on Wednesday to discuss cybersecurity threats, which included changing phone numbers and email addresses.

This has increased government officials’ suspicions that foreign hackers are trying to influence this year’s U.S. presidential election.

The White House and intelligence officials said the Obama administration was unlikely to blame Russia publicly, as there are multiple geopolitical concerns at play.

Source: Reuters.

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