Colombia Peace Deal Failing: Guerrilla Leader Says FARC Won’t Give up Weapons

Iván Márquez spoke about the guerilla group’s relationship to weapons. (

EspañolFARC’s Chief Negotiator Iván Márquez reportedly said FARC will not be giving up weapons to the government.

“There will be no giving up of weapons,” he said. “You will not see a FARC guerrilla delivering representatives of the high government a rifle or machine gun.”

He said weapons carry a symbol of resistance for them, and so would they will be put away “far from use,” but won’t be giving them up anytime soon.

Márquez reiterated that the guerrillas do not have money in tax havens.

“You believed the story that FARC has sums of money deposited in tax havens. We fully authorize them to go to Switzerland, these very famous Caribbean islands (to look).”

Likewise, Márquez commented on the possibility of rural police composed of guerrillas, and that eventually the army and military be replaced in Buenaventura as a pilot plan to eradicate paramilitarism. The chief negotiator of FARC proposed “that the guerrilla, through the regulations in force in Colombia, assume police functions if so determined by governors and mayors.”

Márquez said the final agreement should be done within six months.

Sources: RCN

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