Colombia Peace Deal Failing: Guerrilla Leader Says FARC Won’t Give up Weapons

By: Adriana Peralta - @AdriPeraltaM - Dec 21, 2016, 8:56 am
Iván Márquez spoke about the guerilla group’s relationship to weapons. (

EspañolFARC’s Chief Negotiator Iván Márquez reportedly said FARC will not be giving up weapons to the government.

“There will be no giving up of weapons,” he said. “You will not see a FARC guerrilla delivering representatives of the high government a rifle or machine gun.”

He said weapons carry a symbol of resistance for them, and so would they will be put away “far from use,” but won’t be giving them up anytime soon.

Márquez reiterated that the guerrillas do not have money in tax havens.

“You believed the story that FARC has sums of money deposited in tax havens. We fully authorize them to go to Switzerland, these very famous Caribbean islands (to look).”

Likewise, Márquez commented on the possibility of rural police composed of guerrillas, and that eventually the army and military be replaced in Buenaventura as a pilot plan to eradicate paramilitarism. The chief negotiator of FARC proposed “that the guerrilla, through the regulations in force in Colombia, assume police functions if so determined by governors and mayors.”

Márquez said the final agreement should be done within six months.

Sources: RCN

Adriana Peralta Adriana Peralta

Adriana Peralta is a freedom advocate from El Salvador and a @CREO_org board member. She is a PanAm Post reporter and blogger, a 2005 Ruta Quetzal scholar, a trained engineer, and an SMC University masters student in political economy. She is also a Pink Floyd fan. Follow @AdriPeraltaM.

CMPC, Kimberly-Clark Fixed Prices in Chilean Diaper Cartel

By: Ysol Delgado - Dec 21, 2016, 8:23 am

EspañolThe National Economic Prosecutor of Chile (FNE) started an investigation on October 28, 2015 in which it discovered collusion between CMPC companies regarding diaper market price agreements over the last 10 years. Chilean newspaper La Tercera had access to the latest reports and revealed that Kimberly Clark negotiated to raise diaper prices. The CMPC acknowledged before the FNE that it signed several agreements with the multinational corporation to increase prices, as well as policy regarding promotional activities, positioning agreements and information exchange, "which would have affected the diaper business, which affected the health business," according to the report . Read More: As Venezuela Slides into Chaos, Maduro Clings to Power Due to Opposition Weakness Read More: Venezuelan Opposition Takes to Streets in Massive anti-Maduro Protests Meetings between the executives of both companies were held in different hotels in the capital. CMPC reported that the first of these meetings would have been held in 2002, in the restaurant of the former Hotel Carrera. Such agreements "would have been achieved mainly in relation to baby diapers," through price coordination between Kimberly Clark and Babysec's Huggies diapers from CMPC. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); }); The two companies manage the market for this product at 36 percent each. Neither company has acknowledged the scandal that has provoked strong criticism from the government and the business community. The prosecution assured that they are in an "ongoing investigation" but there will be no legal action against them because the agreement they had to raise prices concluded in 2009. Finally, Chilean law provides for a period of five years to open a judicial proceeding. Source: La Tercera

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