Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega’s Wife to Run as His Vice President

Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo (wikimedia)

EspañolFirst Lady of Nicaragua Rosario Murillo has been named the Sandinistas Party vice presidential candidate for the upcoming elections in Nicaragua.

She will be running alongside her husband Daniel Ortega, the current president who is seeking reelection with the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) party.

Breaking news: Rosario Murillo will be the running partner of her husband Daniel Ortega in the Nicaragua elections

Ortega was nominated again as a candidate for the presidency during a Sandinista congressional meeting Saturday, June 4. During his speech, Ortega promised to continue ruling as he has done so far.

“Doing better what we have been doing since 2007, in these new times of peace, reconciliation, safety, understanding the benefit of all Nicaraguans, that is our commitment,” he said. Ortega said there will be international observation committees for the upcoming November elections.

Murillo, like Ortega, was part of the Sandinistas who overthrew Anastasio Somoza in 1979. However, one of the most important moments in her public life was in 1998, when her daughter Zoilamérica Narvaez accused Ortega of sexually abusing her since the age of 11. Rosario decided at that time to support her husband Daniel Ortega. Since Ortega returned to power in 2007, Murillo has been an important figure within the government.

In a statement sponsored by the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas, (IDEA) 22 presidents claimed Ortega should be held responsible for “collusion” between the Supreme Court and the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of Nicaragua, which is allegedly “controlled by supporters of his government.”

Last week, 28 members of the opposition Independent Liberal Party lost their seats after being dismissed from the National Assembly. The board of the assembly abided by the decision of the electoral power because the deputies refused to recognize the new leader of the party. The deputies had declared themselves independent to avoid the measure. The opposition says the decision is illegal and an attack on Nicaragua’s political right.

On Tuesday, the United States said it was “deeply concerned” by “government actions and the Nicaraguan Supreme Court to limit the democratic space” before the presidential and legislative elections next November.

Sources: CNNInfobae, La Nación,

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