PPK Assumes Peru’s Presidency Facing Major Opposition in Congress

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is a descendant of Europeans that reached Peru fleeing form the Second World War (PPK Facebook)
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is a descendant of Europeans that reached Peru fleeing from the Second World War. (Facebook)

 EspañolPedro Pablo Kuczynski assumed the office of president in Peru this Thursday, July 28 with the promise of bringing more opportunities to the country.

He asked the majority-opposition Congress to back his plans to accelerate the economy and reduce poverty. But for Kuczynski, a former Wall Street banker, things won’t be easy there. It will be widely dominated by the conservative party of Keiko Fujimori, whom he defeated in the tightest election in several decades.

“My wish is that these dreams become a shared reality … I know I can do it, but I also know I can’t do it alone,” he said during his inauguration speech. “I need your help, I need the help of this entire Congress.”

We want a modern, fair, egalitiarian country that can walk with its head held up high in the global scene.

A conservative and experienced economist, Kuczynski is the son of European immigrants. At 77, he is the oldest leader in the Americas.

After saluting the rulers of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay, Kuczynski stood up before Congress to fulfill the ceremony.

“Peru must take a leap into modernity”

In his first speech as president, Kuczynski promised free primary and secondary education. He also promised drinkable water for all Peruvians, improvements to the public health system, increased jobs with social security benefits and to build infrastructure needed for development.

He also said he intended to turn Peru into a place of equal opportunity. He also promised to be relentless in the fight for corruption that has undermined the political class and its institutions.

Fellow countrymen, in this patriotic month I ask you to join me in saving La Oroya and to set a tone for  the country’s economy.

“We must take a great leap, and only with this leap can we reach a modern Peru, a fair country for all. I want a social revolution for my country, I wish that in five years Peru will be a more fair, equal and solidary country,” he said.

“The inequality between the poorest and the richest must be solved by raising the income of the poorest,” Kuczynski said, dressed in a black suit, with the white and red presidential band. 

Kuczynski said he will boost investment in infrastructure to generate employment. He wants to drive productive activity ahead, to reduce bureaucracy and to quell rising insecurity. According to polls, the last one is the greatest concern for Peruvians.

Today I met with President Bachelet to strengthen the [Pacific Alliance] for the good of our people.

To do this, the government must reignite productive projects that are worth millions. The projects, mostly for extraction, have been paralyzed with social conflicts.

“Sometimes they’re stuck in bureaucratic problems that we must resolve in the next six months,” he said. “That way we will eliminate the many obstacles for private investments that Peru receives and is waiting for with open arms.”

The new premier hopes his country will join, by the end of his period, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Source: Reuters

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