Génesis Carmona: First Victim of Chavismo’s “Crushing Counterattack”

By: PanAm Post Staff - Feb 11, 2015, 2:38 pm

EspañolGénesis Carmona was a 22-year-old Venezuelan model who studied marketing at the Center Technological University (UNITEC).

Génesis Carmona
Génesis Carmona died due to a shot in the head. The perpetrator is unknown. (Confirmado)

On February 18, 2014, she participated in anti-government protests in the city of Valencia, when a group of masked gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on the demonstrators. One of the shots struck Génesis in the head, and she died the following day from the wound.

Two days prior to the confrontation, Carabobo Governor Francisco Ameliach called on members of the Bolívar-Chavez Battle Unit (UBCH) to prepare for a “crushing counterattack” on the protests that filled the city. Génesis was the first victim of Ameliach’s command.

Authorities have formally charged Juan José Masa Seijas, a student at the University of Carabobo, with complicity in her murder and conspiracy. However, the question of who fired the shot that killed Carmona remains unknown.

“This is how Génesis Carmona, Miss Tourism, was moved after being shot to the head while demonstrating in #Valencia #Vzla.”

Maria Eugenia Tovar, the victim’s mother, announced from Miami that she is petitioning for political asylum in the United States, but has not publicly disclosed her precise reasons. Tovar said she hops to “provide statements later” to explain her decision to leave Venezuela.

When asked if she had been threatened by the Venezuelan government, she preferred not to comment on the matter. Tovar has previously signaled Governor Francisco Ameliach as the man responsible for her daughter’s death.

Geraldine Moreno: Venezuelan Soldiers Mangled Her Face

By: PanAm Post Staff - Feb 11, 2015, 2:07 pm

EspañolGeraldine Moreno Orozco, 23 years old, was an athlete and cytotechnology student at the Arturo Michelena University of Carabob State. On the night of February 19, she was protesting in the streets outside her house in the Naguanagua municipality. According to witnesses, six members of the National Guard arrived to disperse the demonstration, and the protesters soon ran. Geraldine, however, fell and hit the ground. When she turned, soldiers fired birdshot, hitting her in the face. As she tried to get up, the soldiers continued to fire, each time further mangling her face. Geraldine's mother took her to a nearby health center, where she spent eight hours in surgery. Three days after being hospitalized, Geraldine died from her injuries. Authorities arrested four soldiers involved in the shooting, and they continue to await their trial. On January 8, the initial hearing in the case was delayed for the sixth time. On Monday, February 9, the television network funded by the Venezuelan government, Telesur, launched a campaign called #YoSoyVíctimadelaGuarimba (I am a victim of the guarimba or barricades), referring to those killed during protests in February and March 2014. Geraldine's mother, Rosa Orozco, responded to Telesur's mention of her daughter via Twitter: "My daughter is not a victim of any guarimba, but of this murderous government. I will not allow this!"

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