Independent Obervatory: Violence in Honduras Climbing to Even More Disastrous Heights

By: PanAm Post Staff - Dec 15, 2013, 9:35 pm

EspañolThe Observatory of Violence, established by the Autonomous National University of Honduras (UNAH), has announced that for 2013, homicides in the country could surpass 83 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The director of the UNAH, Migdonia Ayestas, makes that claim “by calculating what’s happening at the moment and comparing it to the numbers of violent deaths during the first six months [of 2013] from the official records. If violent deaths keep rising, we are going to end this year with [a rate of] over 83 deaths.” 

The UNAH has had to calculate and count the violent deaths, because the police have declined to release any recent homicide rates. Consistent with this estimated rise in homicides, they allege, there has also been an increase in violence against women.

“We don’t have data that can inform us how this year will end regarding violent deaths . . . we only have information from the first six months of this year, where the homicide rate was 41 per 100,000 inhabitants.”

In response to these findings, the UNAH has accused the Criminal Investigation Subdivision of not prioritizing this problem. The organization has called upon the national police to meet and release the official records of violence, but they’ve yet to receive a response.

Source: La Prensa.

Socialist Bachelet Is New President of Chile

By: PanAm Post Staff - Dec 15, 2013, 6:49 pm

EspañolWith 93 percent of the polling stations now counted, Michelle Bachelet has won Chile's runoff presidential election, and comfortably so. So far, she has received 62.26 percent of the votes, versus Evelyn Matthei's 37.73 percent. Matthei accepted the results and acknowledged Bachelet's victory before the counting was finalized. In a press conference, she said, "I'm going to call [Bachelet] to congratulate her and wish her the best of success in her administration. I truly wish her well, no one that loves Chile could wish her the opposite." Carlos Larraín, president of the opposition National Renovation Party, asserted that alternation in politics is "by itself a good thing, I'm a believer in the principle of switching turns." On the other hand, Senator Alberto Espina said the party suffers from a communication problem, since they failed to promote "the accomplishments in President Piñera's administration, which had a good performance, but probably had one of the worst communications strategies, and this should be a self-examination opportunity for everybody." The celebrations started in the Alameda, in front of the University of Chile, and a speech by Bachelet is anticipated soon. Source: La Nación.

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