Proud to Be a “Man-Made Climate Change” Denier

By: Frank Worley-Lopez - Jan 13, 2014, 1:36 pm

Fraud. Plain and simple. A massive lie designed to manipulate global policy into a wealth redistribution system. Despite the fraud, the manipulated statistics, and the outright lies, climate change manipulators are winning the information race.

My college-age daughter is convinced that man-made global warming or “climate change” is real. She was convinced by the time she got out of high school. Nothing I have done to explain the fraud to her has worked to help her understand that it is a lie, always has been a lie, and always will be a lie.

CO2 levels are far lower than they were during the age of the dinosaurs, and there were no humans at that time, but there was an enormous abundance of life. Arctic ice is, in fact, larger than it has been in three decades, and global temperatures have been both stable, and declining in some cases, for a decade.

cartoonKeep in mind that once upon a time it was called man-made global cooling, then warming, and now climate change. The ever changing message should be a red flag in and of itself. The final point, however, is still the same: men are to blame, and only thousands of new regulations, treaties, and laws will fix it. Oh, and by the way, we’re going to need your money too.

Original graphs released by the climate liars showed only a short time in human history, and they didn’t show the medieval warming period. they certainly didn’t show ancient times and pre-history. (By the way, it’s A.D. and B.C., not C.E. and B.C.E. Not that I’m a Christian, but if the “common era” began when Christ was born — A.D. — then why change it? It would be better to start with Sumer or Babylon when the modern city state began, but I digress.)

While CO2 levels appear to have been much, much higher during the cretaceous period, by all accounts the planet was teaming with life — more life than we have now, more trees, more animals, more everything. There was not mass starvation or death, and later, the planet cooled.

So what drives the climate? The sun, plain and simple.

The truth is we are manipulated daily by the Architects of Deceit. They change words and meanings and guilt, and they entice or scare you into emotional decisions that hurt us all. They have a huge influence on our education system, resulting in programs like “Common Core,” and they even turn personal choices like smoking into a critical danger to us all — even while we drive around in noxious-fume-gushing cars and don’t seem to notice the contradiction or the danger.

There is no question we have caused damage to our planet and that it makes sense to do something about it, but why would we assume that world governance and theft of wealth is the only way to deal with the problem? Thousand-page regulations could easily be stripped down to a hundred pages or less and accomplish more, without destroying the economy and without creating an impossible-to-deal-with local, state, federal, or international governing body.

Take responsibility, and start by cleaning your own yard, your neighborhood, and your city. Take direct actions that improve the places you frequent. Create cooperation (not force) to tackle the problems near you.

After all, the greatest threat to our environment is not major corporations, but us. We are the polluters; we are the ones who purchase the products and conveniently look the other way when it is uncomfortable for us.

Unfortunately, many cede power to government to take care of these over-blown problems, without realizing that in the end, with few exceptions, government makes things worse. Government then uses the new crisis, created by previous government action, to justify more government action, more power, more spending, and less freedom.

It has been said that a fool and his money are soon parted. Perhaps it would be better to say a fool and his liberty are lost. It is better to be a denier and free than a believer drinking the cyanide laced flavor-aide (it wasn’t cool-aid) in a socialist paradise.

Quebec to Debate Banning Religious Symbols in Public Sector

By: PanAm Post Staff - Jan 13, 2014, 11:25 am

Debate for the proposed Quebec Charter of Values is scheduled to start tomorrow, which marks the beginning of 200 hours of planned hearings. Parti Québécois officials are hopeful that the Charter, including its ban on religious symbols for individuals working in public service, would foster greater social cohesion. Liberals say the Charter will breed intolerance, and that citizens of Quebec also appose its implementation. “We believe that a majority of Quebecois would admit that a total ban [on wearing religious symbols] applied to all employees of the State, no matter the nature of their position, is abusive,” says Charles Taylor and Gérard Bouchard, who served as chairs of the Commission on Reasonable Accommodation in 2007. However, according to a poll of 1,000 Quebecers, 48 percent support the plan. There was also a significant discrepancy in polling results between "mother tongue francophones" and non-native speakers — with the latter more likely to know impacted people. According to Jack Jedwab of the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration, “People know it is a source of division, and they are worried about its impact on the social fabric.” Sources: The Montreal Gazette, Huffington Post Canada, Marianopolis College Department of History.

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